My Twin Brother

This is a One Direction fan fiction. I don't have much of a blurb, because my BFF and I are writing this together and we haven't planned it all out.


3. My Twin Brother Chapter Three

When I woke up I sat down on the couch and my unce brought me some breakfast. When I turned on the TV it was showing the damage footage of New York. I started to cry.

Then I heard someone on the TV say "One Direction is safe at a nearby hotel, and so is Liam's girlfriend, Kaitlyn, but we could not find Niall or Zayn. I kept crying. I was really close with Zayn and Niall and I were dating. "My life is ruined." I wailed.

My unccle grabbed my shoulder and said "It could be worse, Harry could be gone. I know those boys were a big roll in your life but you got to learn to move on and hope for the best, they might be found."


It was 12:00 am and I heard someone knock on the door. I went downstairs carefully and opened the door. Louis was there. Louis is like an older brother to me and we are better friends then me an Kaitlyn.

"LOUIS!" I screamed and hugged him really tight. He ws gasping for air when I released him. "Sorry." I said. "I thought you were on tour." I added. "It is not the same without Zayn and Niall." He replied and started to sniffle. "It's alright." I tried to reassure us both. "So there will be no more One Direction." I asked. 'Looks like it." Louis said.

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