With Hope to Die....

Kyndra has been bullied all her life. She's had few friends. She wants to kill herself, but something (or should I say someone) stops her. Kevin. What happens when Kevin must leave for a while? Will her bullies come back. Will her depression come back? Will she kill herself?


8. What happened last night?

I awaken in my bed with Kevin's arms wraped around my waist. I'm in my clothes from yeasterdy. Wait what!?!?! Kevin's in my bed! What happened last night?

"Kevin?" I whisper nudgeing him. I'm half expecting him to just evaporate and this to all be a dream.

"Yeah?" he whispered.

"Why are you in my bed? The last thing I remember was hugging you." I say.

"You asked me to stay because it was 9:30, your mom wasn't home, and you were afraid that guy was coming back. So I said I'd stay. Then you ran upstairs. I followed you and you were already laying in the bed. You told me to sleep next to you." Kevin said.

"Oh." I say, the memories slowly coming back.

"So want to go to iHop and get some pancakes?" He asked me. I smiled and dragged him out of the bed. Mom's home which means we can take her car.

"Let's take my mom's car," I say grabbing her keys.

"Do you have a licence?" He askes

"No. But I have a permet. So aslong as no cops pull me over I'm ok. And if they do act like you're my older brother teaching me how to drive." I say leading him out the door.

"Gosh this better work Kyndra." Kevin says worried.

"Don't worry." I say as we reach the door. I turn and grab his shirt collar pulling him close to me, "We'll be fine." I kiss him. It's a long kiss.

"Kyndra? Will you be my girlfriend?" Kevin asks, grabbing my hand.

"Of course!" I say smiling.



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