With Hope to Die....

Kyndra has been bullied all her life. She's had few friends. She wants to kill herself, but something (or should I say someone) stops her. Kevin. What happens when Kevin must leave for a while? Will her bullies come back. Will her depression come back? Will she kill herself?


5. Is that...

I pull out my phone and shine it at the area I steped in. There is a red puddle.

"Kevin! Where are we!" I ask frantically.

"The rough part of town. Stay quiet. There is a gang that comes through here," He whispers.

"WHY DID YOU BRING ME HERE!" I whisper/yell at him. I follow the puddle with the light. I slowly come across a hand..... A pale hand.... OH MY GOSH!

"Is that-" Kevin begins. I gulp.

"It's a dead body. Kevin! It's a dead body! Should we call the cops!" I ask.

"No way! Kyndra! You wanna end up like that guy! No one calls the cops in this area! Now lets go before anyone finds us!" Kevin whispers, then pulls me behind him.

A dead man..... Another scar to my heart. Another pain.....

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