With Hope to Die....

Kyndra has been bullied all her life. She's had few friends. She wants to kill herself, but something (or should I say someone) stops her. Kevin. What happens when Kevin must leave for a while? Will her bullies come back. Will her depression come back? Will she kill herself?


7. Don't Speak

I grab Kevin's hand and hold it, tightly. Who Is that, and why is he in my bush!

Kevin noticed him too, and we make our way near the door, I begin to open it. Kevin holds my waist as I realize it's locked. "Kevin, It's locked!" I say. He gets his voice low, and whispers in my ear "Don't speak"

I want to, but I can't argue with his sweet voice.

I suddenly feel a hand on my ankle. I wan't to scream, but Kevin told me not to speak. I turn, and kick the man from under the bush in the neck.

"OW! What the heck! I'll strangle you both!" he said between swears.

"Why are you here!" Kevin demanded, pushing me behind him.

"I know you too were the ones that saw Mr. Petterson. Just know, you say anything, to anyone about his body, I'll kill you both," the mysteriuos man said. "Don't speak of it!" Then he ran away.

I grabed Kevin's hand, and unlocked the door. We both ran in, locking the door quickly. "He killed Mr. Petterson! That dead guy was Mr. Petterson! Our math teacher! What are we going to do Kevin!" I ask fantically. He kisses me.

"We are going to do what he said and stay quiet until we are questioned by police. Which we won't be. Until then lay low and don't speak of it. Even with me, ok? I don't want you hurt," he whispers.

I hug him. I'm honestly scared to death. Mr. Petterson.... murdered? For what? I mean, I know there where rumors he was a drug dealer. Also rumors he supplied the kid that got suspened for haveing heroine in class. But would someone kill him about that? I just want to wake up from this nightmare that is life!

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