With Hope to Die....

Kyndra has been bullied all her life. She's had few friends. She wants to kill herself, but something (or should I say someone) stops her. Kevin. What happens when Kevin must leave for a while? Will her bullies come back. Will her depression come back? Will she kill herself?


4. Dairy Queen

We continue running. I run, faster and faster. Two yards. One yard.

"I JUST WON!" I yell excited. Kevin walks the rest of the way. He grabs my hand and we walk into Dairy Queen. 

"I'll have a strawberry chesecake sundae," Kevin says to the casheir.

"Me too," I say. She nods and we pay.

"I didn't know you liked strawberry chesecake sundaes!" Kevin says as we go to our seats with the ice cream.

"Only thing I eat here, other then the oreo sundae!" I say smileing.

"SERIOUSLY!" Kevin says. I nod. "I love the oreo sundaes!" I laugh.

He holds my hand as we sit across from each other in a booth. We talk about our favorite shows, color, band. Things like that. We actually have alot in common.

"Crap!" I say, noticing the time.

"What?" Kevin says.

"It's 5:30! It takes an hour and a half to walk to my house from here! I'm not getting home till 7:00! My mom is going to kill me!" I say.

Kevin just laughs. "I know a short cut!" he says, then grabs my hand. We begin running. We fly out the door. Next thing I know we are somewhere dark. I think there are trees around me, but it's so dark I can't see my hand if it's right in frount of my face. I smell something salty.

I hear a gush as I step on something. It's gooy and I know it's wet.  

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