With Hope to Die....

Kyndra has been bullied all her life. She's had few friends. She wants to kill herself, but something (or should I say someone) stops her. Kevin. What happens when Kevin must leave for a while? Will her bullies come back. Will her depression come back? Will she kill herself?


1. Beating

Alex grabed a lock of my jet black hair. She yanked it, hard. It hurt, but I couldn't react, she'd make it worse. She'd killed me if I made any reaction.

"Oh Kyndra Perry! Are you being strong?" Alex said to me, mockingly. Everyone around laughed. I ignored it.She grabed another lock of hair.

"DOES.. IT.. HURT.. YET..?" she screamed   into my ear, pulling harder with each word. Tear stung my eyes. It did hurt. Badly.

"KYNDRA'S CRYING!" one of Alex's followers, Emma, said. She, like everyone else, worshiped the ground Alex walked on, a spat on the ground I walked on. I continued to ignore them.

"Alex! She's getting away!" Savanah, Alex's best friend, yells. I didn't realize they had stopped walking. I'm done for. I hear the running footsteps following me and began to bolt. I run like I run during my cross country races. Fast enough to not be caught, but not fast enough to lose breathe. Then Makayla put he foot out. I noticed to late. I feel apon it. Of couse, right in frount of Kevin's locker.

"Don't bother getting up!" Makayla says, pulling out a pocket knife. It glems in the light of the hallway.


"YEAH! PERRY!" Savannah yelled.

"Slutty, emo, bitch!" Emma mumbled. Makayla put the glistening knife back in her pocket. I feel the sharp pain of a kick into my side. Then Alex sits on me.

"Likeing this?" She asked. I shake my head.

"We are," Emma says, kicking my leg. They all begin kicking me, punching me. And I try not to react. I let out a small cry of pain when someone kicks my back. Suddenly Savannah has me by the shirt collar.

"NO ONE LIKES YOU! JUST GO DIE!" she says, then throws me against a locker.

Makayla pulls out her knife. "Ready to die, Emo?"

"JUST GET IT OVER WITH!" I say. I'm dieing. I know it. My back is against the locker. The knife on my neck. Makayla, Emma, Savannah, and Alex loveing every second. I close my eyes and wait.

"Don't touch her!" a familiar voice yells. I open my eyes to see Kevin. His blue eyes gleming. He shows a pocket knife of his own.

"Well be back Perry. Just be happy your boyfriend saved you," Alex says. They walk away, Emma runs into Kevin as she walks away.

I look at Kevin, tears in my eyes. I run to him and wrap my arms around his neck. Seconds later I feel his arms around my waist.




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