Change My Mind

Mary is fed up with her mother and decides to run away. Tragedy, love and happiness all wrapped into one where Mary must act as an adult in the situations thrown at her... who helps? who destroys her?

*** Mind you all there are some parts of this story that is part of my real life and what i deal with


5. Questions?

"Can i hear the full story why you are out hear?" Niall asked arms crossed across his chest. "Well... umm my mum is a drug addict, we barely got fed, and yes we were abused... I finally had enough, and I planned this..." i said feebly a tear escaping my eye. Then a couple more. Then alot more, I couldnt control them. "Its alright Mary." Liam said hugging me, he wiped my tears and smiled. "Would you like to stay with us?" Harry asked stepping up close to me, as i jump a few steps back. "Whats the matter?" Louis asked. "I was... uh... Sexually abused." i spit out while stepping away. They all gasped and tried to come at me at once to comfort me but i just dropped to the ground to the avoid the touching. 

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