Change My Mind

Mary is fed up with her mother and decides to run away. Tragedy, love and happiness all wrapped into one where Mary must act as an adult in the situations thrown at her... who helps? who destroys her?

*** Mind you all there are some parts of this story that is part of my real life and what i deal with


17. Mum


     It feels like my eyes are popping out of my head. "My mum is probably hunting us right now!! I can't risk it!" I yell tears falling down my cheeks. I really look like a fool now. Crying over a stupid picnic. Liam reached for me as well as Louis but i just ducked out of the way. I ran downstairs and out the back door. I really need some air and it seems like the best idea. I look for where to sit down because my head is spinning and it feels as if i could fall down any minute.


(Sorry for the short chapter)

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