Change My Mind

Mary is fed up with her mother and decides to run away. Tragedy, love and happiness all wrapped into one where Mary must act as an adult in the situations thrown at her... who helps? who destroys her?

*** Mind you all there are some parts of this story that is part of my real life and what i deal with


12. Louis P.O.V

She slept so softly. Evertime i moved she woke up. it was a challange getting her to her room, so when i got there i just watched her and sat in the chair next to the bed. She tossed ad turned all night but around 2:30 A.M she was crying and talking. "No...Dont your hurting her!!!: she said. I waited for a second then she started to speak againg. "Stop that hurts! Stop!" Mary yelled loud enough to wake everyone. In a matter of time Liam,Harry, and Zayn were in here. I tried to wake her up but she wouldnt move she was just crying and crying.

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