Change My Mind

Mary is fed up with her mother and decides to run away. Tragedy, love and happiness all wrapped into one where Mary must act as an adult in the situations thrown at her... who helps? who destroys her?

*** Mind you all there are some parts of this story that is part of my real life and what i deal with


7. Just settling in

As we walked inside we were greeted by a girl who named Cheyenne. OF COURSE! Niall's girlfriend they were perfect for each other. They were both singers. Temp was on the couch with Harry watching 'Sesame Street'. Louis and Liam were right by my side while Niall and Zayn were unpacking our bags into our rooms. When i was finally alone Cheyenne came up to me and gave e a hug. "Friends?" she asks with a grin on her face. "Friends!" I giggle. "Whats this?" i hear Zayn and frantically turn around.

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