A Foggy Day

This is not a normal romance story. It's so much more than that.


3. The New Kid

*A few months later*

It's the day. Moving day. As you know i live in Michigan, well... used to live in Michigan, now i live in California, more specifically, L.A. i didn't want to move even though i only had one true friend here in Michigan anyways. L.A is a completely different place from where i used to live. this place is HUGE and everything is extremely expensive and there are so many people! its going to take some time to get used to this place. i decided to walk around the strange city and try to find the high school. tomorrow is going to be my first day going there so i might as well find out where its at.

i come to find out it's only two blocks away and it's HUGE! i start walking around the two story school and i noticed two other people there. They looked like they were my age, maybe a little older. they were playing basketball out in the parking lot. i decided to walk up to them to try to make new friends and maybe they could show me around the school if they went there. they both were really skinny and looked to be a little under 6' tall. which is really tall to me considering im on 5'2. they also had brown hair; not short but not long either.

"hey! im new here. my names Haley, could you guys show me around?", i shouted kind of nervously. im shy, not outgoing.

"oh hey, my names Chaz! it's nice to meet you. none of us go here or we would show you around!" one of them said. the other one just looked at me. he looked so familiar but i just couldnt figure it out!

"well thanks anyways", i started to walk away but then the other guy started to talk.

"we know how to get in though, maybe we could go on an adventure and figure it out together!" he said.

"okay! what's your name?" i asked

"you dont know my name?" he said extremely confused.

"umm i'm sorry..." i said shamly.

"i'm Ju-Jason.." he mumbled. Chaz gave him a weird look as we started to walk towards a school window. i didn't know if Jason was lying about his name or not but one thing i know was true was that he is CUUUTE. his eyes are beautiful and his hair was just flawless.


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