A Foggy Day

This is not a normal romance story. It's so much more than that.


2. The Big Thing

After school i went to Spencer's house like usual. normally we sit around and watch movies. sounds fun right? i actually enjoy being with him though, he makes me feel pretty, even though i hate what i look like, and we always have fun, but we also fight a lot and i mean a lot... most of the time we fight more than we have fun.


"oh my god, why are you mad at me now?!?!" he shouted at me.

"you're acting like i don't have a right to be mad at you! you're texting other girls when im with you! do you know how rude that is?" i said as a question but meant as a statement. "especially when you're flirting with them.." my voice trailed off.

"i can talk to other girls than just you", he said firmly.

"but you cant flirt with them.."

"you can't tell me what to do".

"fuck you." i ran to his bathroom, locked the door, and just started crying. i can't believe he was doing this to me. he used to be so sweet and sweep me off my feet. but after awhile he started treating me like shit. and you know what? i was sick of it. i unlocked the door and went back to his room. i found him sitting on his bed playing on his xbox. that really made me mad. i stood there with tears rolling down my face and said "you turned into the biggest asshole i know. some days you can be the nicest person that reminds me of when i fell in love with you but others you're like this. im done with you. we are over". and with that said, i left. i walked two miles to get to my house and i never looked back. i cried the whole way home. he kept calling me and calling me but i never answered. he didnt even chase after me when i left. that moment at his house was the last time i talked to him.

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