A Foggy Day

This is not a normal romance story. It's so much more than that.


7. Surprise

*the next day*

Haleys POV

"mom, im meeting up with the friends I made yesterday! i'll be back by 11, okay?!" I yelled to my mom as I was walking out the door. I walked out of the house before I could hear her response. i shut the door and turned around to see him. Jason. i was starring at him. he looked so familiar. and again, he had his hood up.

"whatcha starring at?" he laughed.

"nothing, you just look so familiar but i don't know why.." i said, still starring. that made his smile fade. "are you okay?" i asked him.

"yeah, im fine. lets go!" he put out his arm to help me down my porch steps.

"wheres Chaz?" i asked

"oh he was.. um busy."

"ohh.. okay! well where are we going?" i started smiling at the thought that it was going to be just me and him.

"it's a surprise! i parked my car right down the street, we have to drive there!" he sounded really excited

"okay, well i have to be back by 11 tonight" i said

"i will make sure you will be back in time. here it is" he pointed to his car. it was a shiny mirror like car.. ive never seen this type of car before but it looked so cool!

"wow! that's a cool car!"

"well thanks!" he laughed. we got in the car and started driving around. i had no idea where we were considering i just moved here. we sat there listening to the radio and enjoying the music. the radio guy came on but Jason quickly turned it when they started talking about who's going to be at the next big award show. weird. maybe he just wanted to listen to music and not some person talking.

next thing i know Jason pulls out a blind fold and told me to put it on. i like surprises so i do as i was told.

"Jason, where are we going?" i asked

"you'll see! we are almost there." i feel the car stop and Jason opens the car door for me and helps me out. he started walking but i couldn't see anything so i just stood there.

"aren't you gonna help me? you know i cant see anything..." next thing i know, he grabs my hand and starts guiding me somewhere.

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