A Foggy Day

This is not a normal romance story. It's so much more than that.


12. Should I Stay or Should I Go?

By the time it was 8 o'clock I just felt stupid and started to walk home. I turned the corner when I saw him running, in a tuxedo with flowers in his hand, from paparazzi...

I didn't know what to think. why were paparazzi following him? I mean, I knew he looked familiar but I didn't know he was famous..

"Haley, please follow me!!" I hear Jason scream as he was turning down an ally a few yards in front of me. I didn't understand and I wanted to know what was going on so I chased after him. I turned down the ally with the paparazzi not far behind. its dark and narrow and I didn't see Jason. "Haley, up here!" I look up and I see him climbing a fire escape. I grab the ladder and start climbing.

"Jason, whats going on?!" I scream as we got closer to the roof.

"i'll explain when we get away from them!" he shouted. I look down and see the paparazzi climbing after us. what was going on? why would he hide something from me? the more I kept thinking about this, the more angry I got. we got to the top of the roof and Jason grabs my hand and starts pulling me to a door. he opens it and we start running down the stairs and we run out of the building and quickly turn a corner.

"will you tell me now?" I stopped running and just stood there.

"Haley, we have to keep moving. I promise, I will explain everything once we get far away from them!" he grabs my hand again and starts pulling me and I follow him. its dark out and im scared. I don't know where I am and I have no idea who im with. Jason isn't Jason and he lied to me. we ran for another few blocks without saying anything. we ran all the way to a small little park and we sat down on a bench.

"who are you? and what the hell is going on?" I start yelling at him.

"Haley, calm down, please?" he pleaded to me with the most sad face I have ever seen.

"not until you tell me whats going on," I lower my voice a little bit.

"my names not Jason-"

"I got that." I interrupted him.

"stop, let me explain it all before you say anything," he waited for me to answer but when I didn't, he continued, "My name is Justin Bieber," again, he waited for me to say something or to see how I reacted but I didn't have an expression on my face and I kept quiet like he asked, "I told you my name was Jason because its very rare for someone to not know who I am and once I tell them, usually they take me for advantage. I only have a few people I can actually trust! I wanted to get to know you better and I wanted you to know me as me, not some famous rich kid!" that time he didn't continue talking which means I had to answer him.

"you should have told me. you don't even know me, how could you assume I would do something like that to you? I get why you have trust issues but you jumped to conclusions that I was like everyone else! im different. i don't care that you're famous! i like you for you!" i stopped talking. i was getting so upset that i stood up when i was talking and so did he. i looked up at him to see what his expression was. but as i was looking up, he was leaning down.. leaning down to kiss me! and i let him. i have never felt this way before, it was the best kiss ive ever had! i know that's what a lot of girls would say but its true. after a good two minutes of kissing, he pulled away and started talking again.

"how did you not know who i really was?" i have been waiting for him to ask this question..

"i never lived in a big city like this.. everything was so spread out in Michigan, the complete opposite of here! i have heard of your name many of times and ive seen you on tv a few times but not enough to remember.. ive only heard bits and pieces of your song 'baby' i think its called," i again looked up to see his face.

"this has never happened before.. usually girls are screaming and running after me!" he looked a lot happier now, he didn't have that sad look on his face anymore.

"i told you, im different. and by the way, you look really handsome tonight," i smiled at him.

"i lost the flowers i had.. and wow, i didn't even get a chance to look at you! you look stunning!" he leaned down and kissed me again but this one didn't last as long.

"THEY'RE OVER THERE!" i hear people shouting and i turn to my left to see the paparazzi. they found us. Justin grabbed my hand and we ran faster than i have ever ran before.

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