A Foggy Day

This is not a normal romance story. It's so much more than that.


1. Puppy Love

"BEEEEEP, BEEEEEEEP, BEEEE---" another boring day, at another boring school. it's 5:30am on a Tuesday morning. i sprung up and out of my bed to turn the obnoxiously annoying alarm clock off. i hopped in the shower to washed my hair and body. as i got out i shivered at the sight in the mirror. i hate my body.

i started to blow dry my long wavy brown hair. i was afraid the noise was going to wake my family up. this is the first time i haven't worn sweat pants to school in weeks. i had a presentation to do so i decided to dress nice. i curled my hair and put my make up on. i put on black leggings and a purple tank top with a black leather jacket. also, i put my favorite black slippers on, i had to wear SOMETHING comfortable today. 

when i was done getting ready, i headed towards my parents bedroom. i walked in whispering "mom... mom wake up.. it's time to take me to the bus stop". i saw her start moving her arm to indicate that she had heard me and she would be up in a few minutes.

as i walked down the stairs i heard my moms door open. she was up faster than usual.

"ready", she asked me.

"yeah, lets go", i said as i opened the door to get into her car. "when is my car going to be fixed? its been two weeks since the car accident.."

"it should be done tomorrow", she said. i had gotten into a car accident on the way home from school two weeks ago. some jerk rear ended me. no one was hurt, luckily.

we pulled up to the bus stop, i said my goodbyes to my mom and left to wait in the autumn cold for the bus. i plugged in my headphones and listened to music until i got to the school.

i got off the bus and headed to my locker. someone was standing by it. probably my boyfriend, Spencer. we've been dating for a good two years now. i love him, i really do, but i can tell somethings missing.. passion, thats what i think is missing. our relationship feels like a routine.

"hey" he mumbled.

"hi, tired?" i asked.

"yeah, i just wanna sleep... sleep with you." he said while smirking.

"oh stop it, horn ball", he's always wanting to sleep with me. and yes, we do have sex sometimes but not like we used to. we're both 17, but im six months older.

i think its time to tell you a little bit more about myself. My name is Haley, Haley Scott. I was born in Ohio but i moved to Michigan when i was three. i grew up there! but this summer me and my family are moving to California which means im going to have to leave behind my two best friends, Amanda and Spencer. they are the only people i talk to. i also have a 8 year old sister names Sammi. she looks nothing like me. she's blonde with blue eyes while i have brown hair and hazel brown eyes. oh, and i have freckles on my cheeks, which i hate. i also have two dogs, i love them more than anything. theyre both golden retrievers. puppy love<3





THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING. it will get better, i promise! i hope you like it so far. this is my first story too!


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