A Foggy Day

This is not a normal romance story. It's so much more than that.


13. It Will All Be Okay

Haley's POV

"Oh my god! That was so much fun!" I started laughing, "Why are they so obsessed with you?" I said still laughing. We ran all the way back to my house and we were sitting in my room.

"Because I'm famous and I'm with a girl! All the paparazzi care about is a good story. And tonight is gonna be a good story for them since they have a lot of pictures of me and you together!" he starts laughing too. im glad he isn't embarrassed to be seen with me!

"Lets see if we're on the news yet!" I said as I reach for the remote. I turn the T.V on and turn on the news and there we are. they keep showing videos of us running away from them. they also showed a video of us kissing in the park. I just kept watching, not realizing what Justin was doing. I eventually turn around to see his reaction. his face was blank. "What's wrong?" I asked. he doesn't answer. "Justin, what's wrong?!" I say a little louder.

"im sorry," he said in almost a whisper.

"For what?" I ask. he starts scaring me. I don't know what's going on.

"For dragging you into this. you know, this isn't all fun and games. the paparazzi with do ANYTHING to try and sabotage this relationship and so will my fans. you're gonna get so much hate mail and you're gonna see a bunch of things in magazines about how im "cheating on you" when im really not! I just hope you'll be able to trust me.." he looked so upset!

"Justin, I don't read magazines and I rarely watch the news. if someone tells me you're cheating on me, I wont believe them unless I see it for myself. and your fans wont make me upset. I know they're just jealous and they think im taking you away from them. I can ignore all the hate and death threats I get from them. we will be okay, Justin. I promise," I can tell he isn't as upset anymore but he's still worried. I didn't know how to make him happy. I've said all I could say, so I kissed him.








Authors Note:

sorry this was so short guys! and im sorry I haven't been posting a lot of chapters! I have midterm exams coming up that ive been studying for. but once those are over I will be posting a lot more chapters! love ya xoxo keep reading!

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