A Foggy Day

This is not a normal romance story. It's so much more than that.


8. It Was Beautiful

Haley's POV

"Jason.. this is beautiful!" I shout and run up to hug him. when I opened my eyes we were standing on a cliff over looking the city, I turned around and saw a picnic blanket spread across the ground with lights all around. we were surrounded by a huge forest and the cliff. it was beautiful. I think my hug caught him by surprise because he stumbled back a little and then he embraced my hug. "Jason.. this is amazing! thank you so much!"

"you're welcome Haley! only the most beautiful things for the most beautiful girl" wow, did he just say that to me? I just stood there looking into his eyes, smiling, and probably blushing like a freak. "you're so cute when you blush, especially with those freckles of yours" im probably blushing even more now!

"stop, you don't have to be nice to me just because im new here.." why. why. why. why would I say that? I liked how he was being so nice  to me. why would I do that!? im an idiot sometimes. before he could say anything I said "wow, I didn't mean to say that, thank you, for everything!"

"Haley, I really like you.. not just because you're new girl in town. you cute and you know how to have fun and you have a great personality! I know we have only been talking for two days now but I have had so much fun with you. im not asking you to be my girlfriend or anything like that yet but I just wanted you to know that I really like you" why does he have to be so sweet? this is exactly how Spencer acted when I first started talking to him and I ended up getting hurt.. "come on, lets go eat" I followed him to the picnic blanket and sat down. he packed pb and j sandwiched for us and juice boxes.

"you're a little kid at heart, aren't you?" I said

"yeah, kind of" he laughed

"me too! I always have juice boxes at my house, I cant like without them!" we both just laughed.

we sat there for three hours just talking and laughing and enjoying the view the whole time. eventually he asked if could go somewhere else so we got up and left.

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