A Foggy Day

This is not a normal romance story. It's so much more than that.


5. In His Arms

Haley's POV

i was walking around this strange large school all by myself. at first i was trying to play a game on the boys but now i'm seriously lost. its dark and i'm scared. i'm calling their names but no one responds. i turn the corner thinking i heard them but no one was there. i keep walking around. i pass a hall way and suddenly someone grabs me with their arms around me and i'm off of my feet. i screamed louder than i ever thought i could. the person puts me down and i turn around. i only see a dark figure standing there. "Jason? Chaz?" i say because i have no clue who it is. they don't respond so i start to run down the hall screaming. they chase me and catch me again. this time the person talks.

"it's me" Jason says and you can tell he's laughing.

"why the hell would you do that to me? i could have had a heart attack!" i yell at him.

"i'm sorry, i just wanted to have fun with you!" he says.

"by scaring the living shit out of me?" i start laughing. he's cute, and funny. even though i was scared shitless i still had fun.

"Well yeah! that's what i do" he laughed. "lets go in here" he points to a classroom. and i follow him in there and he turns the lights on. for the first time i really got to look at him. his hair was perfectly brown and it just flowed the right way. his hazel brown eyes reminded me of my own eyes but for some reason, i was trapped in his. he had a perfect body to, i can't believe i'm standing in a room with him. i couldn't help but stare at him. he noticed too but he didn't seem to mind... almost like he was used to it. "where are you from?" he asked me

"Michigan" i replied

"oh I've been there a few times!" he said excitedly.

"really? do you like it there? cause i think its so boring".

"i think it's beautiful, just like you" wow, did he really just say that? no one has ever called be beautiful before except my family. my ex, Spencer, never even called me beautiful. i couldn't help but blush and i was speechless. "you're even more beautiful when you blush" he said. oh my god, he noticed! i turned my head

"i'm sorry.. it's just.. I've never been called that before.." i say

"really? why not?" he seemed confused.

"i don't know.. i was never the popular or pretty type in Michigan.." i say softly.

"well, here is a new place and things will change". he said sincerely. why is he being so nice? usually guys who look like that don't act like a sweetheart.. usually they're jerks. i don't get him. but i like him.

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