A Foggy Day

This is not a normal romance story. It's so much more than that.


4. Getting Lost

"guys... where are you?" i shout down the dark empty halls. Jason and Chaz decided to run away and hide from me.. now im all alone.



"Chaz follow me" i whispered into his ear. 

"okay" he replied. we ran around the corner and into the guys bathroom to get away from Haley. "why did you want to leave Haley? i think she's hot dude!" he said excitedly.

"why do you think i pulled you away from her?! i think she's gorgeous! and so far, her personality is unbelievably awesome!" i said.

"why did you tell her your name was Jason?" Chaz asked.

"because, i dont want her to know im Justin Bieber. it's very rare that someone doesnt recognize me, especially a 17 year old girl. i want to see if she'll like me for me, not for being Justin Bieber", i said.

"ohh that makes a lot of sense actually." we headed back to find Haley but she wasn't where we left her. so we went walking around screaming her name. "dude, we've been walking around for 20 minutes now.." chaz said.

"i know, but we have to find her!" so we keep looking. still no sign of her until we hear her laugh down the hall way and we see someone run. we chased after her. we knew she was messing with us now. god, i like a girl who i can have fun with! we run down the hallway and turn the corner but we lost her again.. 

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