The lady and the flirt

Hi. my name is Addison Jones. Im a pretty normal seventeen year old. I have a big family,lots of friends and love music and animals! Right now my life is pretty much perfect. Until one day i meet a curly haired green eyed boy who turned my world upside down :)


5. My first breath of London air...

I woke up at 5:30. We had to be at the airport by 6:30 and our plane left at seven. I had set my alarm the night before.

I took a quick shower and changed. Nothing to fancy. Just a tee and some sweats with my sneakers i put my hair in a messy bun and threw on some eyeliner. Cute yet comfy...perfect. It was now 6:00 and Jenna and I were putting our suitcases in the car.

"Ready to go girls?" Her mom asked

We both looked at each other with smiles

"Yep!" We said at the same time.








Those were the contents of my carryon, the drive to the airport felt like forever. When we finally arrived we got our tickets and it was 6:45 as we walked to out gate Jenna said

"I still cant believe this is happening!"

I laughed. "Me either"

"Maybe in london youll get discovered and become famous!"

"Doubt it Jen"

The lady at the desk came on the intercom and said "Flight 117 to London is now boarding"

we got up and boarded the plane. There were only two seats per row so Jen and I sat next to each other and Hilary sat with a middle aged woman behind us. I pulled out my headphones and dozed off as the plane took off...i cant believe this is happening.

"Ma'am would you like a beverage?" I heard as i woke up

"Coke please" said Jenna

"And for you?" The nice flight attendant asked

"Just a water please" i looked at my was 10:30.

"Wow was i really asleep for three hours?" I asked Jen

She nodded "yup! Only about sixteen more hours to go!"

We both started laughing as i pulled out my bookbag I did most of my homework in about two and a half hours. It was now one o'clock. I looked at Jen who was doing her AP math homework

"Im starving."

"Me too"

The flight attendant came over with some questionable looking food but we ate it and didnt complain. When it was around nine i was getting sleepy. Me and Jen both had all of our homework done. I dozed off and realized...when i wake up ill be in england..... 1:45 a.m. I was being tapped on the shoulder. I fluttered my eyes open to see Jenna

"Were landing"

My eyes got big and a huge smile spread across my face. The second the plane hit ground i swear my heart instantly skipped like ten beats. Jenna and i were holding hands and grining like idiots. We've wanted this for like EVER! The plane stopped and we got off. I looked around and everything was so......foreign? People were talking with words i didnt understand like

" Bobs your uncle "

And "fancy" to describe like or interest

As we got our bags and walked outside i looked around and took a nice deep breath...mi first breath of London air. We flagged down a taxi and we went to our hotel. It was pretty nice. We got a two queen bed sized room with a dining room and living room. Jenna and I shared a bead and considering it was 3 a.m. London time we went to bed but couldnt sleep...we were too excited.

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