The lady and the flirt

Hi. my name is Addison Jones. Im a pretty normal seventeen year old. I have a big family,lots of friends and love music and animals! Right now my life is pretty much perfect. Until one day i meet a curly haired green eyed boy who turned my world upside down :)


6. Meeting...umm....yeahhhhhhhh

I wake up and realize where i am and i instantly smile. I check my phone, its 8:45 london time. I turn over and see Jenna asleep and Hillary was gone but her bed was made and there was a note taped to her pillow. I looked at it and it said.


Dear Jenna and Addison,

Im going to be sight seeing and running some errands today. You can do as you wish but be back by 7:30. Have fun!


I smiled and Jennas eyes fluttered open. she yawned and stratched and looked at me with the note in my hand and said


"whats that?" she asked with a sleepy look in her eye


"Youre mom left a note saying shes going out today and we can do whatever we want as long as were back by 7:30"




"im going to take a shower really quick" i said


"okay im gonna go downstairs and get some breakfast"



after my shower i put my straight black hair into a cute side braid and im wearing white skinny jeans and a blue floral top from hollister with some tan gladiators. Jenna walks in and she gets ready with her hair in a high ponytail with a black skirt and a red crop top. she looked gorgeous as always.


"ready to go?" i ask her




i grabbed my phone and some money and my hotel room card and we caugh a cab


"where to ladies?" the cab driver asks


"um Jenna?"


"yeah addy?"

"where exactly are we going?"


"um big ben?"

"big ben it is"


the cab driver took us there and i payed him. we stepped out and just smiled in excitment at the beautiful building in front of us. We decided to take a tour of it. There was only one word to describe this place. STUNNING! I couldve walked through it a hundred times and still have been fascinated. It was now noon and Jenna said


"wanna get some lunch?"



we headed to this italian place which was fairly good. I got some pepperoni pizza and Jen got some chicken alfredo.


Jenna looked at her phone and her eyes got HUGE


"oh my god i completely forgot!!!!!" she said


"what?" i asked


"My uncle Paul.."


"what about him?"


"well he's this bodygaurd for some band and you know the wmbley stadium?"


"of course!!!!"


"wellll his bands rehersals are over at 2:30 and wants us to meet him there since I havent seen him in a while."


"oh ok" i looked at my phone and it was 2:15


"lets go"


*at the Wembley stadium*


Wow. As we pulled up to the Wembley Stadium i though to my self...this...this right here is my dream. To one day sell out stadiums like this and bigger and inspire people with my music. Paul was outside waiting.


"Hey Jenna!! Hows my favorite niece?"


she hugged him "um Paul im your ONLY niece"


"exactly thats why your my favorite"

she gestured towards me "Paul this is my best friend in the entire world Addison Jones, Addy this is my moms brother Paul"

i extended my hand and he said "we hug in this family" he gave me a hug and said


"do you guys want to head inside? my band just got done and theyre in there dressing rooms so you guyscan check out the stage and stuff"


"sure sounds fun." i couldnt contain my excitment


As he opened up the shiny metal doors and i looked at all the empty seats and the microphones and guitars and piano on stage took my breathe away.


Paul put his finger up to his earpiece and said "excuse me ladies um theres a problem backstage ill be right back." he walked away and did whatever it was he needed to do.


"So what do you think Addy?" Jenna asked


"this is incredible!"


just then Jennas phone started to ring "Hey i gotta take this" and she walked away....


Then i realized Im on this huge stage with noone around and there is a microphone right in front of me so naturally i opened mu mouth and began to sing Valerie by Amy whinehouse.....



Harry's P.O.V.


We just got done with rehersal for tonight. My life has been completly insane since Simon signed the boys and I. We've been selling out stadiums and have put out 2 albums. My dreams really have come true. I was about to tweet about how thankful I am for my fans but my phone wasnt in my pockets.ust've left it on stage.


"Hey Paul I forgot my phone on stage. Im going to go grab it real quick alright?"

"ok Harry but be careful." I nodded


As i was approaching the stage i heard was Valerie by Amy Whinehouse, one of my favorites. As i got closer i realized that whoever was singing was incredible. I stood in the back so this person couldnt see me but with every step the face of this incredible girl apperared. She was wearing white skinny jeans and a flowery top and Her jet balck hair was in a side braid and her peircing blue eyes you could see from miles away and her voice was gorgeous.


"Well sometimes i go out by myself and I look across the water

And I think of all the things whatcha doing and in my head i paint a picture...."


with every word,every note she became more comfortable. You could tell this girl was BORN to perform. The songwas coming to an end and she sang the last "Valerie" (perfectly of course) I began to clap and she looked confused,nervous and freightened. She began to grab her stuff when i said


"wait, don't go" I ran upstage and she was even more beautiful up close I held out my hand and said


"I'm Harry."



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