The lady and the flirt

Hi. my name is Addison Jones. Im a pretty normal seventeen year old. I have a big family,lots of friends and love music and animals! Right now my life is pretty much perfect. Until one day i meet a curly haired green eyed boy who turned my world upside down :)


2. Meet my family

I wake up to the sound of our next door neighbors dog barking. When i first moved into this house i was aboutsix and couldnt stand the thing but now i guess im used to it. I tiredly rub my eyes and look at the clock. Its Saturday 9:15 a.m. I walk into my bathroom followed by my dog, Daisy. Shes a beagel who is black,brown and white with huge floppy ears and loves to sleepwith me. I turn on the shower waiting for the water to heat up. I look out my bedroom window and see my neigbor,Adam mowing his lawn and the sky a little gray and cloudy. I step back into the bathroom and jump into the shower feeling the warm drops of water on my skin.(fifteen minutes later...)


I turn off the water and step out,the cold air hit me like abrick and i instantly regret getting out. I put on a turqouise tshirt and some gray sweats. Iwalk downstairs,my family was awake except for my littlest brother. Let me give you a basic rundown of my family...


My mom is Lydia Jones. Shes about five feet and six inches tall making her not too tall and not too short. She has black hair (just like me) and brown almost black eyes.


My dad is Kyle Jones. Hes ridiculossely tallat six feet eight inches with brown hair and blue green eyes,he and my mother were best friends all through elementary school and junior high and are high school sweethearts and are the only person each other has been with, they got married at nineteen and there marriage is still going storng. I hopebthat one day i have a relationship like theres.


My older brother is James Jones, hes twenty-two and moved out about two years ago so hes not around much.  he and my dad could be twins with his brown hair and height, although his eyes are more like moms. he lives about an hour away with his long term girlfriend, alexa Graham. Theyve been dating since sophmore year and her and I are practically best friends.


Then theres me and since im the oldest in the house i get my own room and my bedroom has a bathroom in it :)


Then theres my little sister,Isabella whos thirteen and super short and has brown hair and green eyes and the cutest little freckles that start at her cheeks and run across her nose.


Then is my little little sister, Jamie Jones whos ten and quite possibly the loudest kid you'll ever meet in your life! She shares a room with Isabella and they dont get along at all. She has black hair and blue eyes just like me i call her mini me sometimes and she gets annoyed.


Then you have my littlest brother and littlest sister, there twins. Five years old and a huge pain in the neck at times but adorable! My littlest brothers name is Dean Jones, hes taller then all the other kids in his class with black hair and brown eyes.


And finally Darlene Jones. (Dean and Darlene teehee) She looks like my father and James with brown hair and blue green eyes and is quite tall as well.


OH! I cant forget about my pets :)


Well, theres my dog, Daisy, Two family dogs, Maggie who is a yellow lab and sassy who is a schnouzer and still a puppy so she chews anything and everything she can get her hands on. And then theres Isabellas cat, Holly, Shes a callico and is totally sweet and sleeps all the time. so thats my huge crazy family!!!


I walk downstairs to see Isabella and Jamie fighting over the tv and my littlest sister coloring. I walk into the dining room to find my dad drinking orange juice and reading the paper.


"Good Morning Darling" my dad looked up from his newspaper and said.


"Morning" i replied


i walked in the kitchen, my mom was flipping pancakes when she looked at me and smiled

"Want some breakfast?" she asked holding up the pan


"pease" i said grabbing a plate


She plopped two pancakes onto my plate and i went to the cabinets to look for some syrup. I sat down and started to eat when my phone vibrated. It was a text message from my all time best friend Jenna Hill.

"Morning addy :)" it said


i replied :Morning Jen :p"


Jenna has been my best friend since pre-k and i cant tell you how many sleepovers and vacations we have had together. She is incredibly gorgeous with her blonde wavy hair thats always effortlessly perfect. her green eyes that could stop traffic and her naturally pretty face. All the guys think shes beautiful but shes been dating her boyfriend, Marcus Carp since the eigth grade.


I finished my pancakes as my phone went off again.


" parents and i are taking a trip to London next moth!!! Wanna come with??!"


I literally jumped out of my seat and screamed


"Addison what are you yelling about?"


i showed her the text and she said


"As long as as its ok with Jennas parents you can go."


I screamed again and hugged her.


I texted Jenna "I can go I can go!!!! :):):):):)"


instantly i got another text "Great! :) I cant wait! London here we come! Hello super cute clothes! lol"


"Clothes? Hello super cute boys! ;)"


Little did I know that I would not only meet a cute boy but i would meet five and not only that but one of those five i would fall head over heels in love with...

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