The lady and the flirt

Hi. my name is Addison Jones. Im a pretty normal seventeen year old. I have a big family,lots of friends and love music and animals! Right now my life is pretty much perfect. Until one day i meet a curly haired green eyed boy who turned my world upside down :)


13. I wanna learn about you

Addys POV

as I reached my floor I was mentally preparing myself to be bombarded with questions by Jen.

I open the door

"Soooooo?" She says looking anxious



I just laugh and tell her everything down to the letter.

"Awwww he sang to you?"

I nodded and smiled


"What?" I ask

"I've just never seen you this happy"

"Okay enough about me, have you talked to Niall!"

She starts blushing and looks away

"Tell me!" I say as I change into my pajamas

"He's just really funny and sweet and he thinks in a way I've  never really seen before and..."

"And you really like him"

She covers her face with a pillow "I don't know"

I pat her head "there there."

With that, we both went to bed.

~9:00 am~

I feel my face warm from the sunlight slowly creeping in through the curtains, I slowly flutter my eyes open and blink so they adjust to the morning light. I look over and Jen isn't in her bed. I then realize I hear the water running and she's in the shower. I sit up and stretch and yawn and check my phone, I have a text message

Harry: Can't stop thinking about you. Xx. -1:55 a.m.

I did a mental awwww

To: Harry- Yeah, I have that effect on people ;)

Harry: I wouldn't doubt it. Plans today?

Jen walks out of the bathroom and she looks gorgeous. More gorgeous then usual which I was pretty sure wasn't even possible. Her hair in perfect curls framing her face perfectly and wearing a teal dress ruffled at the top and sinched at the waist with a brown belt. The color making her eyes look extremely unrealistic. And a nude eye and just some clear lipgloss


"You think so?" Jen asked sounding a little unsure

"I know so! What's the occasion?"

"Wellllllll actually, Niall said he wanted to take me to lunch. And show me around London. Is it cool if I go?"

"Yes! Absolutely! Under one condition"

"What?" She said excitedly

"You have to give me every detail when you get back!"

She laughs as her phone goes off. "He's here! How do I look?!"

"Perfect" I hug her "have fun!" She waves goodbye and I respond to Harry

Addy: nope. Looks like I'm free

Harry: that's exactly what I wanted to hear :)

Addy: what do you have in mind?

Harry: I'll pick you up at 3 

Addy: What are we doing?

Harry: my house. Movies

Addy: sounds good to me!

Harry: I can't wait, see you soon. Xx

I smiled to myself and looked at the clock. 12:30. I still had alot of time to get ready so I decided to go down to the hotel cafe and grab some lunch with Hillary and told her all about Harry. shes looking forward to meeting him and says "he sounds lovely" After my chicken sandwich I headed back upstairs and showered. I decided even though we were just going to watch movies I wanted to look somewhat decent. I curled the ends of my hair and put into a side ponytail, french braiding my bangs. A white tanktop with a royal blue vest over top of it with gold studs on the shoulders and very dark shorts. I put on blush, mascara, and Chapstick. Applying a slight amount of blush to my eyelids to make them have a little color. It was now 2:20. I brushed my teeth again and sprayed perfume. I packed my small black purse with the usual. My phone, wallet, Chapstick and sunglasses. My phone buzzed, it was Jenna.

Jen: Having the best time ever. Niall is amazing!

Addy: that's wonderful. I'm so happy you're happy, going to Harry's in a little for some movies

Jenna: Have fun babe ;) don't do anything I wouldn't do

I laughed. 

Addy: oh shut up

Jenna: you love me

Addy: I guess

I got another text, from Harry.

Harry: Be in the lobby in 5 x

I slip on my silver gladiators and get on the elevator. I see the recognizable silver mustang pull up and out walks Harry. Wearing a rolling stone tshirt and some light jeans.

We met outside the front doors and be kissed my cheek.

He whispered to me "I've never seen anyone look more beautiful"

My stomach fluttered as I said thank you.

We drove to Harry's house. Telling each other stories and laughing along the way. We pulled up to Harry's driveway and in front of me stood a huge White House with blue shutters and a wrap around porch.

"Wow." I breathed

Harry unlocked the front door "after you"

"This is we're you live?" I said in awe

"Yes ma'am"

"It's incredible"

"I was born in Cheshire but since the band I bought a house wee because its in the heart of England."

I looked at the picture on the wall of him and his mom, he looked just like her. 

I walked into the living room, a really big white sofa and a flat screen mounted on the wall.

Harry walked up to me holding up the hunger games "popcorn?"

"This is one of my favorite movies!"

"Me too" he smiles and goes to the kitchen

I walk into what is my favorite room of the house. All the walls were windows. Overlooking his backyard with a pool and hot tub. And a huge white grand piano in the middle of the room under a black rug. I sat at it and began to play if I were a boy by beyonce. 

Harry's POV

I hear my piano playing. It scared me at first but then I smiled. I walked into the room quietly and watch Addy play. It seems Addy looks happiest when she's singing, or around music of any kind. I sit down next to her on the bench, startling her a little I think but she smiles and finishes the song.

"I didn't know you played" I say

She looks at me with her eyes. Her deep dark blue eyes.

"I taught myself when I was 7, I play violin and cello to."

I can't help but smile when she speaks. She laughs a little

"What?" I say

"I think something's burning."

I smell the air and run to the kitchen. I open the bag of popcorn and see that there is not one piece of popcorn that is completely black. Addy walks in and starts laughing hysterically.

I start to laugh to. I walk up to her "well I guess popcorn  is out!"

"We can watch it without popcorn."

"I don't really want to watch a movie anymore"

"We'll what do you want to do?" She asks

I grab her hand and I sit her on the couch. I sit on the opposite side of her and say " I wanna learn about you."

"Well what do you want to know?" She asks


"Well, I was born in a really small town in America in the middle of Kansas. Um I have lots of siblings. I love music and running. Amy whine house, Adele, Rihanna, the Beatles, Bruno Mars, and Maroon 5 are my favorite artists. I don't really like tv but I'm in love with movies. And reading. I'm obsessed with animals, especially baby ones. Um when I was younger I wouldn't leave without my blue blanket. I lost it when I was 8, a total traumatic experience. And I hate being tickled."

"What do you want to do when you're older?" I ask

"Honestly? I don't know. I want to do something with music but I really want to travel. A couple months ago I went to Costa Rica to visit my uncle and I went walking around one day and I had no idea how to get back to my uncles apartment and I ended up in a little plaza and I realized I was so focused on trying to find my way back I didn't soak in where I was ya know? The beauty of the architecture, the way people greeted each other on the streets. And even the sky looked so different over there. I eventually found my way back but those few hours, those were the bat of the entire trip."

With every word I liked Addy more & more.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to dump a bunch of pointless crap on you. It was dumb, I-"

"No. I liked listening"

She smiled and tucked her hair behind her ear.



"Can I....tell you something?"

She grabbed my hands. 

"Of course. Anything."

"I like you."

"I like you too harry"

"No. I mean I really like you. I like the way you see things. I like who I am when I'm around you...I just really really like you."

Addys POV



"I really like you too."

His eyes brightened up and he smiled his famous smile.

All of a sudden Harry pulled me off the couch and onto the floor. Him on top of me. He had this devious look in his eye

"What are you doing?" I say laughing 

He winks and I know what's coming. He starts tickling me. Causing me to laugh and squirm. After many attempts I let out the word stop and he does. We both just laugh at each other, still in the same position.


Was all he said. He pushed a piece of hair out of my face as he put his hand on my cheek and his lips met mine. I closed my eyes. Wrapping my hands behind his neck. We pulled apart and he smiled.

He helped me up and looked I looked at the clock. It was 6 and Jen probably wanted me home for dinner

"Let's get you back to your hotel"

He walked me to the elevator. I hugged him goodbye and turned around, but before I could think Harry grabbed my waist and kissed me again. Causing my stomach to go into knots. 

"Just something to leave you with" he said smiling, his forehead on mine.

I bit my lip as he walked away. I instantly got a text the second I got onto the elevator from...Harry?

Harry: Miss you already :'(

I just laughed

Addy: I have that effect on people to

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