The lady and the flirt

Hi. my name is Addison Jones. Im a pretty normal seventeen year old. I have a big family,lots of friends and love music and animals! Right now my life is pretty much perfect. Until one day i meet a curly haired green eyed boy who turned my world upside down :)


7. Harry who?

Addisons POV

I sang the last note and instantly smiled in how comfortable i was on stage. I all of a sudden heard clapping and i didnt have stagefreight or anything i just didnt know anyone was watching and it scared me a little i began to grab my purse and my phone when a guy said

"Wait don't go" He ran up on stage and put his hand out

"I'm Harry"

I shook it and said "Addison"

He was pretty cute. Curly hair that flopped just the right was and gorgeous emerald eyes. Actually...he was REALLY cute! His smile was breathtaking. Although i was never good at talking to guys. Ive only had 3 boyfriends and 2 of them were freshman year and the last one was last summer. I never really liked any guy at my school they were all awkward and immature.

"Your an amazing singer" he said smiling

"Really? Thanks." He handed me a microphone. I looked at him super confused.

"Sing." He said

"What?" I said puzzled

"Sing...sing whatever you want"

"Uh ok?" I began to sing locked out of heaven by Bruno Mars

He smiled and in the middle of the song he grabbed a microphone and started singing harmony.

"You bring me to my knees you make me testify. Yeah you could make a sinner change his ways...."

Wow this guy could really sing. We finished the song and we just smiled.

"That was really cool" i said feeling awkward. "You should think about singing as a career"

He looked confused

"What?" I asked

"Im Harry...Harry Styles" he said with a laugh

I thought for a second...Harry Styles?

"Oh right your in that band right?"

"Yeah One Direction"

"All my friends love you" i said and he laughed

"This might sound strange but...why are you here?" He asked still holding his microphone

"Oh! Im here on vacation with my best friend Jenna and her uncle is Paul...your body guard i guess"

Jenna walked back in and said "Hey Addy. Sorry Marcus called and..."

Her eyes got big and she screamed. She pointed at Harry "your Harry Styles from one direction!" He looked at her and smiled and waved

Jenna looked at me "How do you...Why do you...when did you...what?"

" Jen calm down" i said as Harry and I walked off stage to meet her

"Paul is One Directions body guard."

"And i forgot my phone on stage and heard Addison singing" Harry piped in

"Actually most people call me Addy"

"Addy? I like it" he said smiling

Jenna was just staring at him and smiling like an idiot. I laughed at myself knowing how hard shes probably fangirling inside. Its not that i didnt LIKE one directions music just that...i dont know they just werent my cup of tea.

A tan skined black haired tattooed guy walked in and said

"Harry. Our Shows tonight we should probably get to the hotel and get ready."

"Alright" harry said The tan boy went backstage

"Well i guess i better go. I hope i see you soon Addy." He gave me a friendly hug and he left.

Jenna looked at me and smiled "I can not believe we just met harry freaking styles!" She said doing a little happy dance

I laughed at her

"ok ok we should probably get some dinner. Its 4:45"


We went to some burger place and by then it was 6 and decided we should just head to the hotel early. When i walked into the hotel room Hillary was sitting on the couch watching some dance show.

"Did you guys have fun today?" She asked

Jenna said "yeah we grabbed some lunch and went to see uncle Paul"

"Thats nice how is he?"

"Pretty good he is the bodygaurd for like my favorite band EVER!"

"Thats nice dear." She said still watching her dance show.

I love Hillary. She showed interest in your life and payed attention but shes not like one of those annoying moms that pound you with questions 24/7. We spent the rest of the night on facebook and watching the hunger games. That movie is my weakness. I could watch it over and over again.

At around 10 or so i decided to go on twitter. I had 5 new followers?






I also had a new notification.

@Harry Styles tweeted

@Addy_Jones Hey Addison (: told my mates about how awesome you are at singing and just in general! Follow us back and inbox me so i can give you my number. xxx

I followed all the boys and even bought both there albums. Once i listened to there songs i started to like there music alot more. I inboxed harry and he gave me his number and i gave him mine and Jennas.

Around 11:30 i went to sleep.

Harrys POV

"Thank you Wembley stadium! We love you!"

I said as the boys and i ran off stage. It was about 9:30 and i just kept replaying this afternoon over and over again. How pretty Addison...i mean Addy was, her braided black hair and blue eyes with perfectly shaped light pink lips and her turqouise nails and how comfortable and homey she looked on stage performing.

Niall sat next to me on the couch

"Whats wrong lad?"

He asked "What? Nothing just thinking..."

"About Addison?"

"Addy and how do you know?" i asked 

"Because you havent shut up about her since you met her this afternoon!"

I hit him with a pillow

" shut up" we both started laughing

"Why dont you follow her on twitter and ask her to follow you back?"

"I tried but i couldnt find her. I never found out her last name" "

Ask paul"

"What?" I asked confused

"Paul is her best friends uncle maybe he knows her last name." Niall said I literally hugged him.

" Niall youre brilliant!" I texted paul

Harry: Hey Paul hows my favorite body guard?!

Paul: Fine. What do you need Harry?

Harry: Do you by chance know Addisons last name?

Paul: Yes. Her name is Addison Jones. Why?

Harry: Thanks so much! And i was...just wondering

I searched @AddisonJones but nothing came up. After About 30 minutes i found her. It was @Addy_Jones. Her profile picture was her and Jenna at the beach with there hair up in ponytails and sunglasses on. She was so pretty but she didnt try to be and she wasnt overly conceited. I think she knows shes pretty but is humble enough not to flaunt it. And i respect and admire that about her. I told the guys to follow her and Jenna and they did. I inboxed her my number and went to lay down at around midnight but i couldnt sleep... I just kept picturing her smile and hoping...that i would see her soon...

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