The lady and the flirt

Hi. my name is Addison Jones. Im a pretty normal seventeen year old. I have a big family,lots of friends and love music and animals! Right now my life is pretty much perfect. Until one day i meet a curly haired green eyed boy who turned my world upside down :)


3. A day in the life of Addison Jones

After breakfast i texted Jenna about the trip and when it was and how excited we were! We were leaving for London in exactly 28 days...gah! Im so excited! Ive wanted to go to London for a long time. I went into the living room where Jamie was watching tv. I guess Isabella lost the fight and went into her room.

She looked at me "Hey why were you screaming?"

"Im going to London in about a month!" I said with a grin on my face

She looked je

alous "what?! With who?!"

"Jenna and her parents"

"No fair i wanna go" she said looking upset

I shrugged " sorry "

She went back to the tv while i went upstairs in my room. I checked FaceBook...Jenna Hill new status update

"Going to London in a month with my best friend eva!"

I liked it and commented "yay cant wait! :)"

It was a saturday so i decided i wasn't going to just lay around the house all day. I texted my best guy friend Matt King.

"Hey wanna go to Starbucks or something? 30 minutes?"

He replied instantly "sure. Meet you there in 30"

I got up from my bed and went into the bathroom. I combed my hair still a little damp from the shower. My hair didn't have a single wave in it so i usually would leave it as is. I threw on some dark skinny jeans and a whit Hollister shirt with my Uggs. It was September so it was going to start getting chilly soon. I put some eyeliner and clear lipgloss on and headed to Starbucks.

When I walked in matt was already waiting at a table he stood up and gave me a friendly hug.

Matt was single, he dates a lot of people so it wont be for long. In seventh grade he dated Jenna it was weird. His last girlfriend lasted about three weeks but he decided she was to "clingy" and broke up with her about a week ago. Matt had sandy blonde hair and the strangest eyes ever. They were gray but gold in the sun. He has perfect teeth and super pale skin. He plays soccer and cross country.

"Hey Addy whats up?"

"Nothin much wanna get a coffe?"

"Addy you hate coffee"

Its true.

"Yeah but you dont. My treat?"


He ordered some girly vanilla latte thing and i payed 5.35 We sat at a little table in the corner

"So why did you call me here?" He asked

"Just to talk"

"Oh. Hey i saw Jennas status are you excited?!"

I laughed "yeah so hows soccer?"

"Not bad. We won our last two games."

For the next hour or so we just talked about pointless stuff mostly soccer and the trip and last weekend when we went to a party. Once i got home it was about two thirty. I checked twitter. Nothing new. I did my algebra homework just because there was nothing else to do. At around fiveish we had dinner and i got a text from Matt Matt: Hey guess what!? I bet he was either dating someone new or got back together with his ex. Addison: what? Matt: Im dating Hailey Stone. Ya know the one in our bio class? Told ya. Hailey was pretty and nice. But i doubt theyll last loger then a month. Addison: awesome im happy for you :) Matt: thanks It was about eleven now so i grabbed my iPod and started playing if i were a boy by Beyonce on loop as i drifted off to sleep..........

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