The lady and the flirt

Hi. my name is Addison Jones. Im a pretty normal seventeen year old. I have a big family,lots of friends and love music and animals! Right now my life is pretty much perfect. Until one day i meet a curly haired green eyed boy who turned my world upside down :)


4. 27 days later...

27 days later.....

I woke up and realized that tomorrow i would be spending two weeks in london with my best friend in the whole world. I got all my schoolwork which is what i would prpbably be doing on the plane it was friday and we were leaving tomorrow at seven am and we would get there at around two am the next day *******i know this time probably isnt right hahaha i just guessed?********* I went to school wearing jeans, a red shirt with a white bow on the waist and some black vans. I pulled into the school parking lot where Jenna was waiting for me with a huge smile on her face.

"I cant wait till we get to london!!! Are you done packing?" She asked as we walked into school

"Yep! Everything is in my room ready to go"

i got to my locker and Jenna said "Great. Ill swing by around six thirty and you can just stay the night at my house so we can leave early."

"Sounds good." The five minute bell rang

"Alright see you tonight." She said as she rushed off to class.

School went by insanely slow. Probably because i was so freaking excited! In bio Matt and Hailey were lab partners. Theyve been dating for like almost a month and i was pretty surprised. Bio was my last period of the day and as soon as the clock turned two thirty i literally ran to my locker then to my car. I was so excited! I had about three hours worth of homework to do so itll keep me busy on the plane. Jenna has about the same amount but she takes ap everything so itll take her way longer. As soon as i got home my mom was playing with Dean and she stood up and said

"How was school sweetie?"

"Great" i said as i hugged her

"What time are you going over to Jennas?"

"Around six thirty or so."

"Okay are you all packed?"

"Yeah except for like last minute stuff. Ya know chargers and my passport and stuff."

"Alright darling just dont forget anything i washed all your clothes so youd have all your clothes for the trip."

"Thanks mom." I kissed her cheek and ran upstairs

At about six Jenna pulled into the driveway. I had two bags. One suitcase and a carryon which was just a bookbag filled with my ipod and homework and things. I ran downstairs. My family was watching a movie.

"Goodbye everyone" i huged and kissed all my sibling and my parents.

"Bye sweetie be safe love you." Said my mom

I left and got into Jennas car with the biggest grin on my face...

at the same time we yelled "WERE GOING TO LONDON!"

We drove to Jennas house. We unpacked the car Jennas mom, Hillary gave me a hug.

"Are you girls excited?" She asked

"You have no idea!" I replied

I went into Jennas room and plopped on her bed...we watched a movie and at around elevenish we both drifted off to sleep...thinking about what tomorrow would bring...

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