The Direction Games

One direction has been famous for just over two years and they are absolutely tired of girls sreaming and fainting when they see them. When they meet a girl who is home schooled, as in she has never been aloud to leave the house so she has no idea who they are, they save her and bring her to there flat in london. That is when things get messy. They all want Bailey to be theirs but she won't say yes to them since it will break the other's hearts. The problem with this plan? The boys start a hunger games of their own with help of Katniss and Peeta to find the one boy that is brave enough to be with Bailey. Can Bailey Stop them? Read on to find out...

Sorry for any mistakes in the text and this one is for the crossover contest so please read! :)


3. It's On Like Donky Kong!

*Liam's POV* Once the really hot girl fell asleep I stood up for my right to be with her. "Call her!" Zayn, Harry and Niall all said at the same time as me. "No way I get her I helped her first!" Niall practiclly screamed. "Shut Up Niall your gonna wake ma girl!" I said in a harsh whisper. The camra man shook his head, "Can I leave now?" He ask patiantly. Harry nodded then the fight went on. Just when I was winning the girl woke up. "Are you ready to talk now?" I ask calmly. "Yea," the girl whispered. I lifted her up and sat her down on my lap. The boys glared at me, but not Louis. I finally noticed he never took part in the fight. *Betheny's POV* I woke up to them glaring at each other. All but one and I have to admite to me he was the cutest. Even though I would never be ready to talk about my life I agreed to. "Last year my dad passed away. My mom worked as a modle and I was in the exceptional beauty and talents program at school. Mum decied to pull me out of school and home-school me. When I went out a few days later to see one of my friends the modling agency saw me and asked if I wanted a job. The job was mum's job so she would be fired. She went crazy. She beat me untill I was only half consuious then decied to throw me in my room. She left me there for a day, with no food and no drink. Then the next day she put into the back of a moving truck with all our things and brought me here. She pulled up a-a-a g-g-gun. She put in a few bullets and then put it in her poket. She told me if I ever left this house beyond the backyard, if I ever watched t.v or if I ever listened to music or the radio she would beat me again then the seconed time she-she would-she would s-shout me!" I burst into tears and cuddled into the boys shoulder, hoping he didn't mind. After a bit the tears stopped and the boy with straight brown hair and blue eyes ask me a quetion, a very simle one. "What is your name?" I calmed down. "Betheny, and I don't think I know yours." "Louis. It is nice to meet you. That is Liam there, that's Niall, Harry and that is Zayn." 

*Zayn's POV*               

           I looked over at Betheny and smiled. We would get her out and she would finally be mine. "Don't worry. We will get you out of here."

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