The Direction Games

One direction has been famous for just over two years and they are absolutely tired of girls sreaming and fainting when they see them. When they meet a girl who is home schooled, as in she has never been aloud to leave the house so she has no idea who they are, they save her and bring her to there flat in london. That is when things get messy. They all want Bailey to be theirs but she won't say yes to them since it will break the other's hearts. The problem with this plan? The boys start a hunger games of their own with help of Katniss and Peeta to find the one boy that is brave enough to be with Bailey. Can Bailey Stop them? Read on to find out...

Sorry for any mistakes in the text and this one is for the crossover contest so please read! :)


2. Don't hurt me

*Bethany's POV* They all just stood there and stared at me like I had a million heads." You are...?" All five guys look so suprised. The sixth with the camera rolled his eyes. They were all cute...but the one with the camera." don't know? We are One Direction," I must have looked very confussed since the one who spoke, the one with blue eyes and curly brown hair kept going," The most famous and in boy band?" "Betheny? Who is at the door?" Oh no.. Not my mom. She has this...mental problem lets call it. "Just the modle agency mum they want to talk to me about your next gig. I will take them to the backyard." I eyed them carefully and pulled them around to the back then pulled them into our sound proof modling room. *Niall's POV* Me and the boys huddled into the back of the room. Personally I was scared to death. I think this chick is mental or something. Behind my back I crossed my fingers and hoped that this wasn't our end. To my surprise the poor girl broke down crying. I was the first to step out of the corner to help the girl. She was very cute, really beautiful even when she was crying. I bent down and rubbed her back. "What's wrong babe? Is something the matter?" She looked up at me right into my eyes. Okay so all that love at first sight stuff is chessey but I think that just happened. Harry looked like he was about to kill me. I really had no idea why. "Yea....It's my mom," she said in a soft but sad whisper, "She has this like...problem ever since dad-" she burst out crying again at that point. "Shhhhhhh, it's okay," Liam said to her looking into her her eyes. How dare he! He knows I might like her! What really bugged me is he pick her up off my lap and carried her on to a little bed that was in the room. Then Zayn had the nerve to kiss her on the check! Louis was the only one who didn't look angery along with the camera man.

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