The Direction Games

One direction has been famous for just over two years and they are absolutely tired of girls sreaming and fainting when they see them. When they meet a girl who is home schooled, as in she has never been aloud to leave the house so she has no idea who they are, they save her and bring her to there flat in london. That is when things get messy. They all want Bailey to be theirs but she won't say yes to them since it will break the other's hearts. The problem with this plan? The boys start a hunger games of their own with help of Katniss and Peeta to find the one boy that is brave enough to be with Bailey. Can Bailey Stop them? Read on to find out...

Sorry for any mistakes in the text and this one is for the crossover contest so please read! :)


1. What a day

*Harry's POV*

We were not ask if we wanted to go door to door to film for a soda comercial. No, instead we were trown on to a plain, then into a car and out to a small neighborhood in Nova Scotia. I was absolutely not impressed. We had been at for hours, as a reward most of the girls were absolutely positively discusting. We came to the end of the last house and pulled the truck over, the camera man grabed his stuff and jumped out earger to get this whole thing done and over with. "You ready mate? Last one and we can finally get out of here," Louis said with a look of relief washing over his face. Nial, Liam, Zyan and I cracked up laughing as hard as we could. " Yea mate! I think I'm ready." We all jumped out of the truck and walked up to the front door. "Zyan you do the honors," he gave me a look then pressed the buzzer on the door. A girl, around the age of 18 I guessed opened the door but only a crack. "Turn of any cameras put away the phones or any picture taking devises and any video cameras. NOW," the girl said in a stern vocie. "Okay all gone...," said the camera man after about five minutes. The girl opened the door and looked at us. I took her in quick before she had a scream attack or something. She was beautiful with her turquise eyes, golden blondish brownish hair with perfect curls and lightly tanned skin. she was amazing.
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