Santa's New Elf.

Fifteen year old Liz does not believe in Santa Clause. On Christmas morning she wakes up to a great surprise!

"Who does this freak think he is? Sneaking about giving presents to children all over the world!"


14. Who did it?


So there I was sitting on the bed stuffing my face in food, while Jack, as I knew him now, was sitting next to me admiring me eating like a pig. It was getting creepy the way he looked at me. To be honest I never thought that he was real too. I never believed in any of this stuff, yet he was here sitting right next to me.

“So,” I started to say with a full mouth of toast. “Was you the one who saved me?” I questioned. I knew it was a stupid question, but I had to make sure.

“Yeah. I was going to freeze the lake when I saw you.” He answered.

“And?” I urged him to tell me more.

“Well I went under water and pulled you out. I noticed you were still breath and bleeding from your wound so I took you to my home. And here you are.” He said gesturing to me.

“Thank you.” I said once I finished all the food that was on the tray. I patted my tummy and turned to face him.

“Can I ask you something?” he mumbled. I raised my eyebrows.

“Go ahead.” I said getting comfortable and folding my legs.

“Who stabbed you?” was his question. I could see pain and sadness in his eyes. Why did he want to know? Most of all, why was he saddened by the fact that I was stabbed? He didn’t even know me?

“Urm…” I hesitated to say who it was.

“Please tell me.” He took my hand in his and held it against his heart. “Please tell me.” He whispered.

I gave in and answered his question, “It was the new head elf…. Skye.” I said, sighing.

Suddenly his hand tightened around mine and his expression became hard. I could see anger in his eyes. If there was one thing I knew, this was not good. 

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