Santa's New Elf.

Fifteen year old Liz does not believe in Santa Clause. On Christmas morning she wakes up to a great surprise!

"Who does this freak think he is? Sneaking about giving presents to children all over the world!"


2. Where Am I?

Ok it's Christmas, I'm freezing and there is little midget people all around me. Where am I?


Let's look around. Well there is lots of toys, tools and small people. NO! It couldn't be! Is this accually Santa's workshop?

"Where is Santa sir?" I ask an elf.

"Follow me!"He said taking my hand and taking me to a large room.

Santa looks at me and tells me to step inside the door.

"Well looks like your awake! I have asked your mum if I can have you! You will be my new elf!" said Santa.

"But, but! My mum wouldn't of said yes! Im scared! LET ME GO HOME!" I shouted.

"She did say yes. Now here is your clothes. Rachel bring her to her room to get changed. I will shrink you when you get back!"

"Yes Sir!" said Rachel.

I got changed and Rachel brought me back to Santa. He made me elf size and the clothes still fitted me.

"Whats going on? Why did you want me here?" I asked.

"Well you and someone else didn't believe in me I have still yet to pick that person up. You will stay forever and help me! You will love it here! Won't she?" he said.

"Yes She will love it here!" Shouted all the elves.

Im scared now. Why does it have to be me?

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