Santa's New Elf.

Fifteen year old Liz does not believe in Santa Clause. On Christmas morning she wakes up to a great surprise!

"Who does this freak think he is? Sneaking about giving presents to children all over the world!"


12. "Thank the ice"


I couldn’t see or hear anything, however I wasn’t that knocked out to feel someone pulling on my arm, making fresh air fall onto my face. I was no longer in the water. I wanted to open my eye, I wanted to thank the person who saved me, but because of the stab I could do neither.

“Wake up! Please, wake up.” I heard the person say. It was a male, with a voice to heavenly. As he spoke I could feel his cool breath on my face and neck. “Come on please wake up.” He whispered. It wasn’t a voice I’d heard before. It defiantly wasn’t Skye’s. To be honest I never want see or hear Skye ever again. He’d cause me enough pain and trouble.

Soon I felt the persons cold hands wrap around mine. Why was he so cold? Or was it just me feeling this? I grunted to let him know I was alive and that he shouldn’t leave me here. “Oh thank the ice, your alive!” he gasped. Thank the ice. Who the heck says ‘thank the ice’? I mean I’ve heard of ‘thank God’ and ‘Oh lord.’ But ‘thanks the ice’, who says that?

Suddenly I felt the person lift me up in their arms. I still couldn’t move so my arms just lay limp by my sides dangling. My head was tilted back and no doubt my mouth was open and I looked like a pig. He continued walking, occasionally re-adjusting me in his surprisingly strong arms.

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