Santa's New Elf.

Fifteen year old Liz does not believe in Santa Clause. On Christmas morning she wakes up to a great surprise!

"Who does this freak think he is? Sneaking about giving presents to children all over the world!"


11. All Wrong.

"What was that? Elf rule number 5 no kissing other elves," shouted  Skye. He grabbed a sharp knife that was going to be used for cutting the cake and pressed it into my stomach.


It ached so badly though I had to run. I ran as fast as I could blood dripping me. He dropped the knife  chasing after me. I stopped running to catch my breath near the North Field river. Skye caught  up with me.

"I'm sorry," he said walking to wards me.

"Stay back!" I screamed backing away slowly.

"Why?" He said and he kept walking towards me.

"You hurt me. I don't love you anymore," I backed up a little too far and fell into the river. I couldn't swim because of the stab. I got knocked out under water.


I don't like my life here any more.

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