You Never Know

Courtney Accardo is a popular rich kid that take everything serious and she never likes to have fun and thinks it is worthless and stupid.
Courtney only dates boy with brain and money like Robinson Prokop.She thinks that her and Robinson are going to be together forever and he is the one for her. But when she is partner up with Winston Cabell for there big Language Art project she realize that there is such thing as fun and that Winston wasn't as bad as he looked. Maybe he is better then she thought and maybe she will fall for him. Just maybe.


5. Unexpected Neighbor

After Language Arts was over I packed my stuff and headed out the door. "Wait Miss. Accardo!" Mr. A called. Oh yeah the kid. I turned around.

"Yes." I replied hoping he would forget which he didn't.

"Aren't you forgetting someone?" He asked pointing to Winston.

"Oh yeah almost forgot." I replied. I looked at Winston and waited for him to follow. When he began to walk over I started to walk to the door. We walked down the hall for 30 seconds until I said something. "Look I know I have to show you around but that's all i'm doing were not going to be like friends and stuff like that." I declared. " Were only going to talk about what we need to talk about and that's all nothing more... You got it" I said demanding he say yes.

He raised one of his eye brow like he was confused. "Look lady! I didn't plain to come to this school and I sure as hell didn't want to be your partner so stuck it up and shut the hell up!"Winston said harshly then he walked away.I ran up to him.

"Hey!" I called after him. He turned around. "Look! I was just stating the facts." I said

"Yeah if the fact is that your a uptight bitch then I believe you." He sad rudely. My mouth dropped no one has ever called me that before.

"No I think the fact was how your a fucking wanna be bad boy that is angry all the time and can't get laid if you had million dollars to blow." I replied harshly with a vain attitude. Then I started walking away. You could see it in his eyes that he was pissed and that meant I did my job. As i was walking he called out.

"Hey look who's talking.I bet you still have your V Card." I stopped with my eyes all big and my heart pounding in madness and embarrassment I turned around and walked over to him. Slap! I slapped him as hard as I could. His head twisted when slapped him and he had a red mark on his right cheek. Then he started grinning like it was a joke and i just got pranked.

"What! What's so funny." I said madder because he is laughing when I just slapped him.

"It's just funny..." he paused and started laughing historically. "It's funny... How you hit like a little girl." He finally said. My face got red and I just snapped. Next thing I knew he was crouch over holding his crotch I kicked him in the balls.

"Oh my gosh I'm so sorry." I apologized. H e looked up at me.

" What the fuck!" He yelled in a voice that said that he was in pain.

"I'm sorry!" I repeated.


The last bell rung I went to my locker and got what I need then I saw Robinson hug Abby. Why are they hugging? Is he cheating on me? Nahhh Robinson wouldn't do that. I walked over to them. "Hey Robbi." I said to him. There it is that face he made this morning when I came up to them.

"Oh hey Courtney." He replied nervously. Then Abby left but this time she didn't say anything. He bent down to give me a kiss. The kiss didn't feel the same as before. It felt pressured and unwanted well to me. "Well Courtney I got to go now I'll see you tomorrow." He gave me another unwanted kiss and his gray Lamborghini Reventon and drove off. I walked over to Lusa's red, Mini Cooper Cabriolet. Why do I have to still be 15 I want my birthday to come already?


I headed straight to my room to do the rest of my homework. When i was done with my homework my mom was downstairs making dinner and my dad was in the living room watching the news same old same old. "Hey mom. Hey dad." I greeted.

"Hey sweetheart how was your day?" My dad asked.

"It was okay." I replied.

"Okay sweetheart." He said with a smile on his face.

"Courtney we will be having guess for dinner today so I need you to take a shower and put on some proper clothes for them." My mom explained.

"Okay. I will. So who coming for dinner." I questioned.

"Our new next door neighbors. The Cabell's." She announced.That name sounds familiar. I went upstairs got undressed and jumped in the shower. I put in ear plugs so no water would get in my ear. 15-20 minutes I turned off the water and just stood there to keep the heat. After 3 minutes I open the door.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" I yelled. There stood Winston peeing. He turned around and I saw it! And he saw me I froze I just stared at it. Why am I staring at his thing. Snap out of it, your nacked. Get a towel now! NOW! I snapped back to reality and ran for a towel. He pulled up his pants and walked to the sink to wash his hands. What the fuck he washes his hand. He wants to piss me off. Then he turned to me and grinned. "Nice." he said will raising both eye brows up and down. "You liked it if you know what I mean." he added a wink and went downstairs. Really bad day. And Winston is my neighbor!


When I got downstairs my mom was in the kitchen talking to Mrs. Cabell and I'm guessing his little sister. My dad was talking sports with Mr. Cabell and Winston. "Oh finally we can eat everyone Courtney is here." My mom announced. Everyone Walked to the dinning room. When I looked at Winston he kept raising and dropping his eye brows. I mouth the words "Shut the fuck up" and then he acted like he was hurt by my comment. We ate dinner everyone was talking even Winston and his little sister. I talked for a little when had to.When diner was over the adults talked pulse the girl which was names Evania. I had to hang out with Winston so we went outside so they wouldn't see me beat the crap out of him. If anyone asked what happen i would say there was a wild monkey on the loose and beat the shit out of him. Nahhh that's sounds like a really bad like. When we got out side I punched him in the belly but that hurt because he had rock hard abs. "Owwwww! Fuck you!"  said as I held my hand that i try to punch him with.

"Abs of steal." he said making a super hero pose. "I could be captain abs of steal." He announced.

" HAHAHA. Don't make me laugh." I said sarcastically.

"Okay I see how it is." he said pretending that he was hurt. I rolled my eyes then everyone came outside and they talked for a couple of seconds saying goodbye or saying see you later.I go to my room jumped on my bed and fell asleep.

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