You Never Know

Courtney Accardo is a popular rich kid that take everything serious and she never likes to have fun and thinks it is worthless and stupid.
Courtney only dates boy with brain and money like Robinson Prokop.She thinks that her and Robinson are going to be together forever and he is the one for her. But when she is partner up with Winston Cabell for there big Language Art project she realize that there is such thing as fun and that Winston wasn't as bad as he looked. Maybe he is better then she thought and maybe she will fall for him. Just maybe.


2. Not True?

When i got to school i went to the bathroom to wait for my best friend Lusa.I waited for like five minutes. Where is she? Whatever I'm going to leave. When I was just about to leave she came in. "Where were you i was waiting for like five minutes for you?!" i yelled at her

"Geez come down! I was talking to this really cute boy." she replied

" What The Fuck Lusa!"I yelled a little bit louder "You stood me up for some boy!" Her face went from calm to angry.

" First of all i can talk to whom i want to weather it's a boy or something. Second of all i didn't stand you up I'm here aren't I!" she hollered. She started talking before I can answer her question. " And third you stand me off all the time for your ALL THAT BOYFRIEND!" She made a sound that said that he wasn't althat but that's what he thinks.

"I do not do that!" i defended. She made a sound that sound that she always does when she know someone wrong.

"Please!" She said rudely rolling her hazel eyes."Think what you want to" Then she rolled her eyes one one time then turned around and left me alone in the bathroom. What a bitch! that was so rude how didn't i expect this. Whatever I'm not staying in here anymore that just pissed me off even more.

A/N: Hey I tried to make it more interesting and a little longer I hope you liked it (:

- Lindsay <3

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