You Never Know

Courtney Accardo is a popular rich kid that take everything serious and she never likes to have fun and thinks it is worthless and stupid.
Courtney only dates boy with brain and money like Robinson Prokop.She thinks that her and Robinson are going to be together forever and he is the one for her. But when she is partner up with Winston Cabell for there big Language Art project she realize that there is such thing as fun and that Winston wasn't as bad as he looked. Maybe he is better then she thought and maybe she will fall for him. Just maybe.


4. New Kid...New Prodject

The bell rung telling everyone that lunch was over for the day. I got up and kissed Robbi and told him to call or text me because i wouldn't see him later. While i was walking Lusa ran up to me.
"Hey Courtney." She called. I turned around

"Hey Lusa. What's up?" I asked

"Oh nothing just going to walk with you to Language Arts... If you don't mind" She asked worried

"No of course i wouldn't mind" I reported.Then she nodded.

When we finally got to class the bell rung right when we got in the class. Thank god! One more late I would have gotten a detention. I walked to my seat quick so no one would stare at me. As Mr.A was taking attendance I was doing the last question for our homework. "Okay class lets begin class. I decided that I want this class to make a play or a smaller book for 10th graders because I want to know how good a writer you are." He announced. The whole class moaned and made mad sounds."I know you guys don't want to do the assignment... But this assignment is worth 1/2 of your grade." The whole class was shocked and some really really mad . "The reason I made it so much points because some of you NEED the points and I want to see how good you can make a good story and plays." Everyone was still upset and looked on the down side. "And look on the bright I'm giving you all year you to do this." he said. Why so long? Lusa raised her hand."Yes Miss.Dorado?" he ask.

"Can I ask you a question?"she questioned.

"NO! Just joking I'll try to have a answer for it." he answer still grinning from his lame ass joke.

"How many words do we have to right?" She seek to know the answer

"Oh good question. You will have to write 40,000 words" He replied. The whole class gasped. Kids kept trying to change his mind about how much to write but he wouldn't change his mind. But we talked him into having to do this with a partners. But he has to pick so it's not that many options. Then the door opens and in comes a boy. He had long, straight, hair and his hair color was a hazelnut color. He had ice blue eyes. WOW! I never say a boy with that shade of blue. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder I turned to see if someone was tapping me.

"Yeah what Lusa?" I asked. She didn't answer she was to busy staring at that kid like every other girl in the room. "What!" I whisper yelled. Her blank look was gone she was back. FOR NOW. "What did you want."i asked again. Her eyes became big.

"Look at him..." she said with a huge smile. "Yum. He look so yummy... I-I just want to eat him up." she said getting more hyper.

" Okay one gross and two what the fuck!" I whisper.

" What! Come on you can't tell me you didn't see them eyes." She looked at me like she was right. Even though I already knew that.

" No." I lied. "I have a boyfriend I don't look at boys like that anymore." I lied again. She looked at me like I was lying. She knows me so well or it is really hard to believe i don't look at boys in that way.

"Yeah okay." She said sarcastically then she rolled her eyes.

"Hey! Shut the fu-" I tried to say but got interrupted by Mr. A.

"Okay class this is the new student Winston Cabell." He introduced. "You came just in time I was about to pick partners for our project." Mr.A explained. He walked over to the corner where he kept the unused desks and he pulled it close to mine. Why just why.

" Oh My Fucking God!" Lusa whisper yelled in my ear really loud.

"Ow!" i said as i jerked my head forward. "Geezz excited much." I said sarcastically.

"I'm sorry but come have you seem him." she reminded me.

"Yes i believe I alr-" i got cut off again by the same person great.

"Miss. Accardo." He called.

"Yes Mr. A" I said at the same time i was worried.

"Would you mind doing me a favor and teachers and the councilor." he asked.

"Ummm..." I didn't know what to say.

"Can you show Winston around since your in all the same classes." he pleaded. What The Fuck i'm in all his classes. This is just fucking great! Out of all the people  in this school It had to be me! Oh great Oh fucking great!   "You don't have to if you don't want to." he offer but I knew I had to do it.

"No I'll do it." I accepted.

"Thank you so much we thank you for helping us out." he thanked me. "Oh and i decided to make you two partners for this project." He said. NO!! FUCK FUCK FUCK. THIS IS THE WORST DAY EVER. WHY ME WHY. YOU FUCKING DICK YOU I HATE YOU! THIS IS NOT HOW YOU TREAT SOMEONE THAT JUST HELPED YOU OUT. FUCK FUCK FUCK! YOU MEAN MEAN JERK!!

"No problemo." I lied. this was big problemo big big problemo. Like I said worst day ever!


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