You Never Know

Courtney Accardo is a popular rich kid that take everything serious and she never likes to have fun and thinks it is worthless and stupid.
Courtney only dates boy with brain and money like Robinson Prokop.She thinks that her and Robinson are going to be together forever and he is the one for her. But when she is partner up with Winston Cabell for there big Language Art project she realize that there is such thing as fun and that Winston wasn't as bad as he looked. Maybe he is better then she thought and maybe she will fall for him. Just maybe.


3. Lunch

Health was the last class before lunch so i was always wound up. Lunch was my favorite time of the day that's were you can hang out with your friends and no learning for 35 minutes. But at the same time i hated lunch too many people even though we split the lunches it still is so crowded in there. When Mrs.Prowl started to teach i couldn't concentrate. All i could think about was the fight me and Lusa at the beginning  of the day. That wasn't that bad... was it? Should i apologize to her? No i shouldn't she's the one that had the attitude. Yeah this is just logic if your mean then you shouldn't be  treated nice.

The bell rung 25 minutes later. I gather my stuff and headed to my locker. When i got there my boyfriend Robinson wasn't there. Where is he? He should be here he is always here at my locker waiting for me. I put my stuff in my locker and and waited for 30 seconds. I decided to walk to his locker when i saw him walking and talking with... ABBY! What is he doing with his ex girlfriend? I walk over to them and when he saw me he had this guilty look on his face.

"Hey honey." he said nervously."You ready to go to lunch."

"Um... sure" i said giving her dirty looks."

"Okay then lets go." He turned to Abby "See you later." When he says later he means never? Right?

"Okay see you Rob Pokie." She said in a flirting way. She left without saying bye to me but I could care less i just wanted to know why the hell was she calling him Rob Pokie as if they were dating.

"Rob Pokie?" i asked in a tone that said are you kidding me. He turned to me and he still had that nervous look on his face.

"What? Every girl calls me Rob Pokie" he explained. He was right almost every girl called him Rob Pokie.

"Whatever lets just go eat lunch. At least the crowd must have died down." I said positively. He smiled and he grabbed my hand and we walked to the the cafe.The line was way smaller i was right so I had a salad with some dressing, some ham, tomatoes,and some eggs.when i paid for my lunch Robbi save me a spot at our table next to him. Everyone was talking to each other not me i was thinking about Robbi and Lusa. She must be really mad because she didn't sit with me so there was this empty seat right there in front of me taunting me.UUGH! I hate when me and Lusa get in fights.

"Courtney! Courtney! Courtney!" the voice said louder each second "Courtney!!" the voice said really loud. I jumped back to reality and looked up. It was Lusa. "Courtney can we talk?" she asked impatiently.

"Um... sure" I answered. "I'll be back Robbi." Without looking at him. Then i got up and started walking.

"Okay." He replied a minute to late because I was half way out the door. We walked to the same bathroom from this morning. When we got in she turned to me.

"I'm sorry." she said with a look in her eyes the said she meant it. "Yeah it was kinda a bitchy move standing you up well kinda." she said with little grin.

"It's ok maybe i was over reacting a little." i confessed

"Just a little" she raised one eyebrow and repeated herself..

"Okay maybe more then a little." I said with a playing voice.

" Yep your right more then a little." she smiled.

" Shut up you stupid bitch." I said in a straight face. After 3 seconds i started laughing. and then she started laughing and we were back to our old self again.

"Hey what are you doing tonight?" She asked curiously.

"I don't Know probably stay home watch movies with my parents." I answer

"Oh okay well text me if something changes." she tells me

"Um... Okay I will." I replied

"See ya later lil C." she joked."TTYL." Then she left out the bathroom

Wow that was easy I thought we will be still fighting but no

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