You Never Know

Courtney Accardo is a popular rich kid that take everything serious and she never likes to have fun and thinks it is worthless and stupid.
Courtney only dates boy with brain and money like Robinson Prokop.She thinks that her and Robinson are going to be together forever and he is the one for her. But when she is partner up with Winston Cabell for there big Language Art project she realize that there is such thing as fun and that Winston wasn't as bad as he looked. Maybe he is better then she thought and maybe she will fall for him. Just maybe.


1. Another day

"Hurry up Courtney! Or you're going to be late for school again!" My mom yelled from the bottom of the stairs.

"Hold on mom I'll be down in 5 minutes!" I yelled back as I finished putting on my lip gloss. I decided to but my hair up in a high pony tail.When I was finish I observed my butterscotch blonde hair to see if i missed a couple of strands. I didn't. I grabbed my book bag and headed downstairs. "Mom!" I called from the kitchen... no answer. I went outside to see her in the car waiting for me to get in. When she saw me she waved at me to get in the car.Another boring day just started. YAY! Not!

A/N: Hi I'm Lindsay and this is my first story. Sorry if this chapter was sort but I'll try to make my next one longer and better

 - Lindsay (:

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