Nobody Compares.

Amy, a teenage mom, with 18 years old, is Harry's bestfriend from childhood. She was always with him, when her daughter, Emma, was born, Harry was the only one with her. They have now 2 years or so without seeing each other because Harry's tour with the other boys. He is coming to England. What will happen between each other?


5. Chapter 5.

Amy's POV

Next morning I woke up by the smell of the best pancakes of the world. Yes Harry's pancakes. The best. I miss that pancakes a lot. Emma came into my room calling me for breakfast "Mommy! You are hungry! Lets eat!" And she ran towards the kitchen. I enter to the bathroom and put my hair in a messy bun. I walk towards the kitchen and Harry said "Morning beautiful" I blush and Emma said "I'm beautiful too right?" Harry laugh and said "You are the most beautiful doll" she smile and said "I know". I sat with Emma for helping her eat her breakfast.  After finishing breakfast the boys came to my flat. I opened the door "Hey guys, what happened?" Louis said "Amy can we stay here? We finish the tour but we don't have place to go, so.. You know can we stay here?" "Yes, of course guys, this is your home too!" They smile and enter to the apartment. "So how we are going to sleep?" Niall ask me. "Well we have an extra room, and Harry's room, so Harry will sleep with me, and you guys choose in what room out of that two you want to sleep" I said to them and Zayn said "Oh boy, they are going to sleep together" I laugh and Harry said "We are going to sleep, nothing more". Liam said "So you make pancakes! I want!" Liam was walking towards the pancakes and Niall said "OMG pancakes! I'm starving!" Louis said "Man we just eat, and you are starving?" "Shut up Tommo" Niall said to Louis and all the lads where laughing. Emma finally finish eating her pancake. "Mommy can we go to a park?" "Yes doll, lets change your clothe and we go".

Harry's POV

I went to Emma's room with Emma and Amy for change Emma's clothe. Now we are going to the park. Niall and Liam went to the pool of the condo, while Louis and Zayn went to Starbucks with their girlfriends.

Amy's POV

"Mommy look at me!" Emma was playing with Harry in the swings. "I'm the tallest girl in the world" I smile. They where having so much fun. I know that Emma miss Harry as much as he do. Suddenly, some paparazzi start taking photos, and asking questions. I walk towards my babies and carry Emma. "This is your daughter?" "This is your girlfriend?" "Are you already are planing having another baby?" Harry grab Emma from my arms and hold my hand tight. We where walking towards the apartment and some fans stop us. "Why are you with a girl that have a baby, it's obvious she is a bitch" one of the fans said. I respond "You can mess up with me, hate me, but don't talk about my baby. Don't" the girl start to laugh and said "I'm not scared of you, you are not worthy" Harry was way to angry and yelled "If you open your mouth one more time you will pay for it, don't ever talk like that about my girlfriend and my daughter, never" the girl was in shock, she turn around and start to walk. His daughter? He just took Emma like his daughter. We where walking and some tears going down my cheeks, I remove them for Harry not be able to see them. But it was to late. "Babe why are you crying?" Harry ask me, we stop walking. "Those girls hate me so much, I can handle it but my baby? She is only 2 years old! Why she have so much hate?" Harry hug me hard and said "No, they are jealous, don't worry Amy, you and Emma are my only motivation in my work and life, and that will never change". He clean my tears and we finally arrive to the apartment.

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