Nobody Compares.

Amy, a teenage mom, with 18 years old, is Harry's bestfriend from childhood. She was always with him, when her daughter, Emma, was born, Harry was the only one with her. They have now 2 years or so without seeing each other because Harry's tour with the other boys. He is coming to England. What will happen between each other?


4. Chapter 4.

The concert was over, the boys where saying thanks and waving to all the girls, Harry told Emma "Doll say in the microphone bye like Hazz like" Emma took the microphone and said "Bye bye" and ran towards me trying to hide. She is so shy! We went backstage and Harry carry me like a baby. "Hazz! What are you doing!?" "Carrying my girlfriend" Emma ran towards us and said "Uncle Hazz! I want you to carry me!" He put me down and carry Emma. We sat on the couch. We where sitting in this order. Zayn. Niall. Louis. Liam. Harry I with Emma in my legs. She was almost sleeping and Harry carry her and sang to her. She finally fall asleep and he lay her on the couch. I saw the hour and said "Guys it's almost midnight, and I need to go to my flat, walking" I carry Emma and walk towards the door "Amy! I'll go with you" Harry said to me. "But.." "But nothing, I will go with you" "Thanks Hazz"
We where walking towards my apartment, is far but not too much. I was carrying Emma and my arms where tired, she a little heavy. Harry carried her for me. Some girls where waiting for the boys to come out. They took photos with Harry and Emma sleeping. As well the paparazzi taking photos from us and asking "Harry this is your girlfriend?" "This is your baby?" Harry hold my hand and whispered "If you feel intimidated squeeze my hand". Some fans where screaming "You with this slut? Are you fucking kidding me?" I squeeze his hand has hard I could. I want to cry but Harry immediately said "Don't ever call my girlfriend a slut, never" the girl rolled her eyes and walk away. "Thanks Hazz" "Everything for you".

*At my flat door*

"Thanks Hazz" I said in a shyly way with Emma in his arms. "Can I enter so I can lay her on her room" "This is your apartment too Harry, you don't need to ask me". We enter and he said "This feels so much like home, I miss this a lot"  He went to Emma's room and lay her on her bed. He kiss her forehead and walk away, he went to his room and pick some thing he had under his bed.

Harry's POV

After walking away from Emma's room I remembered that before I left for tour I hide some things I always want it to tell Amy, but I was so afraid. I look for them under my bed and found the little box with all the letters. I pick them up and put them on my left pocket.

Amy's POV

I saw that Harry was looking for something under his bed. He stand up, turn around and saw me. He giggle and walk towards me. "Hazz is to late for you going alone" "So.. Can I stay here?" "This is YOUR apartment too, you can stay here always". He smile and kiss me.

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