Nobody Compares.

Amy, a teenage mom, with 18 years old, is Harry's bestfriend from childhood. She was always with him, when her daughter, Emma, was born, Harry was the only one with her. They have now 2 years or so without seeing each other because Harry's tour with the other boys. He is coming to England. What will happen between each other?


3. Chapter 3.

Harry's POV

I miss Emma and Amy so much. Emma is my little baby, like my daughter, since she was born, I was always with her. Always. She is a mini Amy, the two of them are beautiful. Amy, she is my best friend, I love her. I always thought that I had a little crush with Amy, but it is always confusing. Whatever, I'll see her in Christmas, I'm way to exited.
I have tomorrow at night a concert. All my songs are dedicated to Amy, but she don't know.

*Next night before the concert near England*

We are in about minutes to get on the stage. I was thinking in Emma and Amy, Emma doing funny faces for me to laugh and Amy just there for me, supporting me. Smiling and singing. I was in the stage and all the girls smiling like Amy do. I can't stop thinking about her. I just... I can't.
In the crowd there was a girl exactly like Amy. I try to see her better and got closer to the edge of the stage.

Amy's POV

I remembered that Harry perform tonight in a place near London, I dress up Emma. And went to fix myself. Some makeup. We went to the concert and Emma ask me "Mommy where are we going?" "We are going to see uncle Hazz sing doll". Oh shit. I don't have tickets.

*At the concert*

Luckily in the backdoor of the place was Paul, and he knew me, he said "Amy! Emma! Time without seeing each other! Come in" "Paul! Thanks" I enter to backstage and he told me to go to first road and look for Harry.
He was singing, he look so beautiful, he was singing Heart Attack. Emma was trying to sing it. "Mommy it's uncle Hazz! Uncle Hazz! Here!" She look so exited. Oh My. He saw me.

Harry's POV

Is her. It's Amy, with Emma. I knee in the edge of the stage and stop singing. I give the microphone to Liam and jump off of the stage.

Amy's POV

What is he doing? He jump off of the stage and grab my hand. "Hazz what are you doing!?". He lead me towards the stage. Took the microphone and said "Hey guys, this is my beautiful girlfriend Amy. And my stepdaughter Emma" girlfriend? I look him and he said "I've miss you so much, I love you Amy" "Me too Hazz" "You are going to be my girlfriend?" "Yes" "Uncle Hazz!" "Hey doll! I miss you so much!" "Me too!"
Zayn sang "This two lovebirds have been in love since they first met, and this little baby is from other boy, not from Harry, don't freak girls!" All the fans where screaming. Harry hug me so hard. Emma said "You will kill me!" We laugh and Louis said "Now this 2 beautiful girls will sit here and enjoy the concert" I sat in the couch they have always in their concerts and Emma ran towards Harry. Harry carry her all the concert. She was so happy for see him. She totally love him. And now is her stepdad. Or kind of.

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