Nobody Compares.

Amy, a teenage mom, with 18 years old, is Harry's bestfriend from childhood. She was always with him, when her daughter, Emma, was born, Harry was the only one with her. They have now 2 years or so without seeing each other because Harry's tour with the other boys. He is coming to England. What will happen between each other?


2. Chapter 2.

Amy's POV
"Hey doll, lets get dress and go to buy you a birthday gift!" I grabbed Emma's hand and went to her room for chose her clothing. I dress her up and went to my room for chose mine. I grabbed my bag and a coat for Emma and went outside. We were walking through the street and Emma saw a woman, a little girl like her an a man and ask me "Mommy do I have a dad?" I look shock and knee to see her eyes "Doll.. Umm.. Look over there! Is the doll that you want!" She totally lost focus of her question and ran towards the store. What the heck I'm going to do now? Now she wants to know who is her dad, I don't even know who is, I was drunk and a make a mistake, I only remember Harry screaming me why I did it. What the heck I will do if she ask me this again?. Whatever,  I'm not thinking about that, today is the day of my baby, she is so big, she turning 2! Aww my doll. We buy a Barbie, a pink bag with makeup pink nail polish.. Yes she is totally a diva. A mini diva.
We went to eat some Nando's and the go home. It was around 8:00pm and Emma was almost falling asleep, I put on her pink pjs and she said "Thanks mommy" "For what doll?"  "For calling uncle Hazz, I miss him" "No problem doll, he will be here for Christmas" I kiss her cheek and she fall asleep. I went to my room and connect to twitter, see some tweets and quotes.. You know.. Just reading tweets. I had a mention. "@Amyy_Doll I miss you! I want to see Emma so much!" Harry tweet me. I reply "@Harry_Styles She wants to see you too! I miss you too!" I put my phone in silence and fall asleep.
Emma start to cry so early in the morning, around 6:00am. She was hungry, I went to the kitchen and took some hot chocolate for her. I carry her to my room and lay her down in my bed. She lay in my legs. I was singing to her Isn't She Lovely and playing with her hair. She quickly fall asleep. I turn off the lights and fall asleep too. I couldn't stop thinking about Harry.

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