Nobody Compares.

Amy, a teenage mom, with 18 years old, is Harry's bestfriend from childhood. She was always with him, when her daughter, Emma, was born, Harry was the only one with her. They have now 2 years or so without seeing each other because Harry's tour with the other boys. He is coming to England. What will happen between each other?


1. Chapter 1.

Amy's POV
Today is Emma's birthday, my daughter, yes I'm 18 years old and I'm a mother. A teenage mother. Emma is turning 2 years old. I baked yesterday a pink cake for her. She love pink. I went to her little pink room and wake her up singing Happy Birthday. She slowly opened her little green eyes, and I remove her light brown hair from her face. She said "Thanks mommy, I love you" I put on my left hand the cake and with the right hand I carried Emma. We went to the kitchen for some breakfast. I saw her face and she was a little sad. I'm lonely here in England, my best friend is Harry Styles, the one of the famous band, One Direction. He left for his tour, I used to live with him in my apartment, but now hi is gone, my mom hate me and my dad past away 3 years ago. I kissed Emma's forehead and said "We are going to have fun doll, I'll buy you a toy". She smile and kept eating her breakfast. As usual making a mess.

I don't know much about Harry since he left me and Emma last year. He came for my birthday, and Emma's but since that days we haven't talk, or communicate. He have talk about us in some of his interviews but we really don't have the chance of call each other.
When I was pregnant he was the only one with me in the hospital, he cry as much as me, and look into Emma's eyes like she has his daughter. He totally love Emma and Emma love him, he is her uncle Hazza.

I was cleaning the dishes and Emma was playing with her barbies. I hear my phone ringing. It was Harry. I answer the call.
"Hey bro! I miss you, and Emma miss you too!"
"Me too! I miss my two dolls too! Please put the phone to Emma"

Hey doll! Is uncle Hazza! He want to talk to you, come here.

"Uncle Hazz?"
"Hi my doll! I miss you, happy birthday"
"I miss you too, I want to play with you"
"Me too doll, I love you"

She gave me the phone and I said
"She really miss you, as much as I do"
"I miss you too babe, I'll be there for Christmas"
"Great! See you"
"Love you Amy"
"Me too Harry"

okay, that was weird, he never told me he love ME, he tell that to Emma all the time, but me? never.

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