Love; simple word, difficult concept

Lucy Kaylee Moore was just a normal girl visiting London, England when she unexpectedly happens to run in to someone she recognizes from the telly and what will she do when she falls, hard and fast for this boy?? What happens when someone she trusted tries to steal it all away?


1. New experiences

Lucy's POV

"The plane will be descending shortly, please put on your seatbelt until further notice. Thank you for choosing British Airways." I quickly put on my seatbelt and lean my head against the cool window again, not looking out, no, I'm terrified of heights, I just want to get of this flying death trap!

"Don't worry deary, I flown to and from London many times with this airline, you'll be just fine!" the kind old lady to my right said patting my arm consolingly. I nod and hope she's right, I've always hated flying and hopefully I won't have to do it many times after this. I was spending a year in England by myself to prove to my parents I could live there and if I made it through the whole year, I was allowed to stay. Nearly twenty minutes later the plane touched down and I squeezed my eyes shut as we landed and the ground. I quickly undid my seatbelt and grabbed my carry on and get off the plane and relish the feeling of being on the ground again. Half an hour later I'm in a taxi towards my apartment in downtown London. 

"Thanks." I say and hand the cab driver some money and grab my stuff and walk in to the grand apartment building. I check the note then find the lift and step in and I lean against the wall of the lift and just let myself take it all in for a moment. I'm in London, England. Alone. Damn I really didn't think this through! As the lift dinged I re-composed myself and walk down the hall and find 5C and walk in to my full furnished apartment. I swear my jaw hit the floor. It was HUGE! I dropped my suitcase and ran down the hallway and find the room at the very end of the hallway has a king sized, four poster bed and an en-suite bathroom and two,TWO walk in closets!! It also had an deck that had an amazing view.

"Mom and Frank really hooked me up!" I say and realize this was probably nothing. Frank, my step-dad, was a lawyer and well, he was rich. Not that my moms a gold digger though! She married him BEFORE he was a big budget lawyer. I leave the room and check the other four rooms in the hallway. One was a big bathroom and another was theater room and the other two where guest bedrooms. Letting out a low whistle I go back in to the living room and check out the kitchen which is all stainless steal, and I had difficulty finding the fridge (It was disguised OK!) and then find a door to a little room I didn't notice before. It led to a room that was obviously a study. It had the walls head-to-floor bookshelves,I was in HEAVEN!! I left the little room and grabbed my suitcase from beside the door and brought it in to my room before I decided to take a shower and change. Half an hour later I'm slipping in to a pair of short shorts (A/N starts in the summer time), and a green tank top with my leather jacket that ended mid torso. Grabbing my purse I head out the door and lock it. I walk down the carpeted hallway and can't help but slide along the way. Soon I'm walking down the warm London streets and smiling at everything because I can't believe I'm here!


Two Hours later I'm back on the lift exhausted from my exploring. Just as I'm nearly at my apartment door someone yells at me.

"LOOK OUT!!" the accent sounds Irish and I get a glimpse of blonde hair with brown roots before I'm body checked in to the ground.

"Nice to meet you too!" I say groaning as I rub my head. I look up to see a pair of blue eyes looking at me.

"Oh. My. God!!! That was awesome Nialler!!" someone yells running up to me and the boy and I look on the ground and see a skateboard at the end of the hallway. 

"Are you ok?" The boy with the half blonde hair asks me helping me up and ignoring his friend completely.

"Ya I'm fine but next time don't warn me two seconds before you ram in to me please?" I say unlocking my door as four other boys crowd in behind him. 

"Ok!" he grins cheekily at me as I roll my eyes at him and push my door open.

"Wow!! That's a nice apartment!!" One of the people behind him with tan skin and a quiff. 

"Thanks, my step dad owns it." I say and they nod and stand there awkwardly. "Would you like to come in??" I ask and they nod and smile. 

"I'm Niall by the way!" the one who ran in to my said as he walked in to my apartment.

"I'm Lucy." I say and he smiles again and nods and then walks over to his friend who are exploring. Suddenly one appears at the end of the hallway with my lacy pink bra.

"Hey guys look!!" he said and sling shot it across the room. I looked at Niall then at the boy with messy chestnut hair and then I loose it. I'm clutching my sides as we all laugh. Our laughter is interrupted by a phone call from someone that seemed important. 

"We'l be there as soon as we can Simon." One said seriously and I looked at their faces.

"Sorry Lucy, but we have to go..." Niall said as they all left they introduced themselves so I didn't only know Niall's name. "Here's my cell number text me tomorrow ok?" he asked and I nodded and he grinned and waved and left and started to fight with the one called Louis about who got to sit up front.Closing the door I slid down it and just think that over. Am I falling for Niall?

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