one direction dream

my family abandoned me so Igot as far away from them as i could. I had just enough money to get to London then as I got off the plane I walked untill I saw him curly hair I just knew it was him it had to be the boys are my last hope then BLAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was all black.


1. geting OUT of there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   Linda's P.O.V

        I woke up in the celler with new scraps and bruse's. But this time it won't happen againso I took the old purse that my mother gave me and put all the money I have ever had into it and took scew driver I found in one of my nights in the shed and walked tords the window and as quietly as I could unscrewed the window and poked my head out the frame looked around and saw no one I jumped out the window and ran sundnly I heard feet runing behind me then my dad started screaming foul words at me he was right behind me so I ran faster and faster I took a sharp turn then hid in a bush. So there I was squated in a bush out of breath and silent when I was sure he was gone I ran to the air port so I wouldn't run into him I bought my ticket then hopped on to a plane going to london. I sat next to another girl she was very quiet so I fell asleep on the way there I woke up to the spell of warm peanuts and a giant platter of food in front of me there was chips, 3 slices of turky with a warm gravy on it, a bottle of water, a bag of cookies and to top all that off an ice cream sunde awaited me next in my purse I shoved the water, chips, peanuts and cookies so all I ate was the turkey but it was the best food I ever tasted but that was expected because I was only feed scaps if there was any. then the atendant came with another round of peanut so thinking I asked kindly for two bags and she gave them to me then handed me 3 bottles of water for me that was a BIG thang but how was I going to get this all off the plane so I asked the flight attendant if she had any bags she could sell to me then she said "one moment" then came back with a bag she called a sling bag so I payed 3$ for it then put the remaning food in it. Later I got off the plane and walked around for a while then I saw a tall man with curly brown hair Harry Styles as I was walking torwd him BLAM!!!!!! Next thing I know there are cold hands on me & 7 blurry people are above me. 

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