5 boys 5 girls and a traitor

Molly, Bella, Rhiannon, Tia and Naomi are orphans and best friends they have just started collage and have moved into their amazing flat which was given to them by the collage. Unfortunately thay have to share with their enemy Georgia. One day Molly meets her favourite boy band one direction. Can the girls cope with them for a week.


3. Truth or Dare

We all sat down in a circle. Louis and Naomi, Liam and Bella, Zayn and Rhiannon, Tia and Niall and me and Harry.

"What's up Hazza?" I asked a distracted Harry.

"What urrh sorry" he murmured not sure what I had just said.

Louis and Naomi were grinning like Cheshire cats. They are totally bonkers those two. Louis started off by asking Naomi. She said dare. Louis was very happy about this. He got his phone out and said with an evil look in his eye,

"Call Simon Cowell and say to him in a girly scream. I love you Simon I want to snog you" he sniggered.

"Bring it on."Naomi said as she got out her phone and copied his number onto hers.

Naomi picked up the phone and called Simon Cowell on speaker phone.

"Hello? Who is this?"

"oh my god it's Simon" screamed Naomi," oh my god I want to snog you ahhh" she screamed.

"How did you get this number? Who are you?" asked a confused Simon. We all stuffed cushions in our mouths to stop the laughing.

"I'm your biggest fan Simon ahhh" she screamed then Simon hung up. We all split ourselves laughing.

Next Naomi chose Rhiannon. She was not to please. She chose dare as well. Her dare was to kiss her favourite person in the room on the lips for 5 seconds. Rhiannon looked around the room. And finally at Zayn and surprise surprise she kissed him full on, on the lips. I laughed so hard.

After Rhiannon's little kiss. It was her turn to choose. She chose me! I, from seeing the dares before, chose truth.

"What is your most precious thing you own not related to your family or friends" she asked. I smiled a little.

"Do I have to" I moaned.

"Yes do you want a for fit?" Naomi asked enthusiastically. I shook my head and sighed.

"Most precious thing I own is the lock of Harry's hair I got two years ago" I looked down at my feet in shame.

They all stared at me in amazement all except Harry I think he was a bit creeped out.

"I am sorry Harry I was younger and a little drunk..." I didn't finish for I was now crying and running upstairs to my room. I could hear the girls running up behind me

"Go away" I spat when they opened the door

"I don't want to upset him anymore" I whispered to Bella "he must think I'm a crazy obsessed fan."I started to cry again.

"No don't think that come on its obvious he likes you don't say that come on" she comforted me

"No don't think that come on its obvious he likes you don't say that come on" she comforted me though it didn't make me feel any better. Then Harry came in. He did t look angry or upset though I still could see that something was wrong.

"Hi" harry said softly carefully sitting on my sofa with me, "um I am like sorry for earlier it's just"

"You thought I was crazy didn't you" I interrupted.

"No no why I think that?" he asked calmly. I shrugged and said.

"Because my most precious thing I own is a bit of your hair I mean that's sad" I said nervously laughing at myself.

"Of course not I think you are beautiful, funny and adorable. " he said missing me lightly on the cheek "so do you want to come downstairs and watch some TV with us?"
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