5 boys 5 girls and a traitor

Molly, Bella, Rhiannon, Tia and Naomi are orphans and best friends they have just started collage and have moved into their amazing flat which was given to them by the collage. Unfortunately thay have to share with their enemy Georgia. One day Molly meets her favourite boy band one direction. Can the girls cope with them for a week.


6. Surprise

"What was that all about, louis?Harry asked louis. Louis sighed and looked at the floor even I could tell something was wrong today with him. And I had only really know him for one day.
"oh its just when Georgia said those things about the girls it made me think about all the things people have said to me"Louis sighed again he looked like he was about to cry
"hey it's ok boobear" Harry said as he comforted Louis. Naomi came and sat next to him and cuddled him. He gave a weak smile.
"come on Lou-brush"Naomi grinned
," I have a idea to make you feel better!".
Louis sighed but got off the sofa.
"ok. So where we going" Louis asked quietly.
"no I can't tell you now its a Surprise"Naomi said still grinning. Louis smiled
"I love surprises."he screamed now very happy again. Louis started jumping around the place with excitement knocking everything over luckily nothing had smashed.

"I want my breakfast" Niall shouted like a toddler To us as we tidied up. I looked over to him and frowned.
"you know you if you helped it would get done quicker" I said. He pouted.
"but I'm hungry"he moaned.
"oh well" I whined back at him sticking my bottom lip out. With that Niall got down onto the floor and picked up a cup.
"done" he chimed. Tia laughed. I sighed.
"uh Niall" I Pointed to the huge cluster of plastic cups and winter gloves and scarves. He pouted again.
"Liam" he whined " do I have to?"
"yes" shouted Liam who was now half under the sofa. I laughed.
"so you know get orders from Liam hey?" I joked.
"yes i do actually!" Niall said matter of factly.
"oh" I said pretending to be shocked. Bella laughed.

After we had tidied up we had breakfast well niall had most of it. I didn't have any.
"come on Molly don't you want any?" asked Harry holding out a ate of pancakes. I shook my head
"I'm not really a breakfast person." I said "sorry, but you can have them if you want."
Harry sighed but gave most of them to Niall, who all ready had had 9 pancakes.

I sat down on the sofa next to Liam and Bella who were yet again watching toy story. Naomi came running down stairs. She was looking very pretty as usually. She smiled then laughed because all the boys had there mouths open.
"what yo starin at?" she said in a gangster style voice which made us all laugh.
"well maybe um yo" Louis mimicked. We all fell about laughing. After about five minuets of laughing Naomi got up.
"come Lou we can't be late" she called becoming him to the door.
"where we going?" he whined.
"it's a secret" she said copying his tone making us laugh. "right must be off," she laughed "stuff to do, right um ciao" she giggled while turning round to the door.
"this is going to be interesting!" Louis whispered to Niall.
"oi" shouted Naomi, she then slapped him playfully. Louis stuck his bottom lip out," oh poor little Lou-brush did I hurt you?" Naomi said in a baby voice.
"yes ginger you did"he said in a matter of factly way. I laughed.
"right go go go" I hustled them out the door "bye" I waved to them. At last some peace and quiet.

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