5 boys 5 girls and a traitor

Molly, Bella, Rhiannon, Tia and Naomi are orphans and best friends they have just started collage and have moved into their amazing flat which was given to them by the collage. Unfortunately thay have to share with their enemy Georgia. One day Molly meets her favourite boy band one direction. Can the girls cope with them for a week.


19. Surprise Party

Last night was so fun, not that I can remember much thanks to my lovely friend alcohol, note the sarcasm there. 

 I woke up this morning in Bella's room with Harry collapsed in a heap on the purple carpet. Scattered around him were cans of Cola and lager. He won't wake up for a while at this rate. I tried to sit up in bed but my head span and I just flopped back down again. I must of drank a whole lot of the stuff. I can't remember where we got it from or if we went out or somthing. 

I turned over to look at bella's alarm clock. 2:00pm. Well, this has to be my record. I really must get up now. Maybe. Maybe not. So  I put my head back into my cushion. 


"She's dead!" 

"I told you she doesn't like I drink." 

"Don't worry we can get her up" 

"1, 2, 3!" 


I woke up with a start. I was on the floor the mattress on top of my back and my face was mushed into Bella's lilac carpet. What just happened? 

"Oh my god are you ok!?" Asked a worried Harry. 

"Your up then?" I laughed rig galling out from under the mattress. The others came around and pulled my up. I dusted my imaginary dust off my shoulders. 

"Yes I'm ok thanks for asking!" I exclaimed. 

Louis jumped out of no where and practically screamed in my ear. 

"No problem girlfriend" 

I laughed. Oh how I love living with these nut-jobs. I hustled them all out my room and my phone. 1 new message 


I sighed but looked at it anyway.  

Happy birthday to you
I'll kidnap you soon. 
You won't tell your boyfriend. 
Or this will be you. 

Underneath was a picture of a rather horrid looking gravestone. What a great birthday message Georgia! But it's not my birthday so ha! 

I picked up my phone and went round to my room to get changed. What should I wear? 

I picked out a pair of navy blue skinny jeans, a blue and white stripy tank-top then applied a little makeup. I did my hair into a side plait and went downstairs. 

Everyone was sat on the sofas watching yet another Disney movie, Brave. Now, I haven't seen it yet and I really wanted to see it but a week of Disney movies has completely done my head in! I ignored them all mezmerized by the film and got my breakfast even if it is 5o'clock in the afternoon. Wait, rewind five o'clock! I really should of got up I have no time to do anything. I literally had everything to do today. 

"Why didn't you wake me up earlier?" I asked rather annoyed. Liam looked at me sheepishly, I raised my eyebrows at him. 

"Sorry?" He said. I sighed and grabbed my handbag, coat and shoes. 

"I have lots of things to do see you guys later!" 

And with that I was out the front door no questions asked. Finally a little me time.

Before now if I'd been given the chance to love with one direction I would of thought it would all be happy families and so would the millions of fan girls in the world. But now I understand why their security get head aches so easy. They are very very excitable, like small puppies I suppose, especially when rather shopping, food or video games are involved. But that's why we love them isn't. 

I pushed the button for the lift and then got in. Somehow it still smelt of Louis's fart from te other day. I laughed at the thought and happily hopped out ,into the surprisingly busy lobby and out the door into the gloomy streets of London. 

Now I know it's five o'clock on a Sunday night and usually all the shops shut, but this to the girls and I about three years ago and we found the most amazing shopping centre ally thingy. At this time of the day it would be practically deserted but all the shops were open. There were amazing clothes shops, a beautiful cafe, a little cinema, two little makeup shops and for some odd reason a joke shop. It was perfect, on my terms anyway.  

First I went into my favourite shop 'Anita's Accessories' I got amazing earrings for Tia and Rhiannon, a gold necklace for Bella because she doesn't have her ear pierced and a sparkling ring for Naomi. 

Next I went into a the joke shop. I'd only been int here once before and to my surprise it was actually very good, it was like I'd stepped back in time to my child hood. I got lots of joke stuff for the boys and for us as well but I thought the boys would want it more. I then popped next door to the cafe. I recon it's a Starbucks just really cheap, everything is the same. The staff with funny names, the weird painted wall on one side, the brown and yellow tables and chairs. To be honest I don't see the difference at all.   

"Vat can I get zou?" Asked the German man behind the counter. 

"A cappuccino  and a muffin please" the guy nodded an handed me my stuff. I sat at a table and quietly sipped my drink. I looked out the window and could see it was very dark I then looked at the clock on the wall. Six o'clock! I quickly got up and ran out the door. It was cold, yet another reason to run.  

After five minuets of running I finally made it back to the hotel. Nobody about. I ran up to the lift and got in. Luckily it no longer smelled but somehow it had gotten a heck load of graffiti on one wall. Once I was at the top I walked to my door. There were lots of noises coming from the flat. I searched through my handbag to find my key. Oh damn it for got it! So I knocked on the door with the special knock. Knock knockity knock knock       

Niall's head appeared in the door way. I was about to walk in but he stood in my way. Stupid boy! 

"What's going on in there?" I asked trying to see around him. 

"Erm nothing just put this on?" He said cautiously. He handed my a small blindfold. I loomed at him but put it on anyway. He took my hand and pulled me through the door. It suddenly went really silent. 

"Hello?" I said pulling my blindfold off. It was pitch black, "Niall?, Harry? Louis? Zayn? Liam? Bella? Hello?" 

The suddenly the lights switched back on and everyone jumped out from behind the sofa shouting Surprise! I screamed and jumped back. There was a huge banner across the tv heaps of food, DJ decks and a pile of presents. Wait I knew I'd forgotten something. My birthday! 

"Ah thanks guys your the best." I said laughing at myself. 

"We all thought you'd forgotten" Naomi said. I smiled. 

"I actually did I think?" 

The girls and I grouped together and had a group hug. 

"Let's get this party started" shouted Zayn, who was stood by the decks and started playing the music. And quite weirdly it was Please help me find Molly by Cedric Gervais. I laughed and we all started dancing and singing along. 

-----------3 hours later---------

This has to be the best party I've had. It has been such fun. 

"Present time!" Screeched Tia who ran line a maniac towards the present pile. She grabbed about ten and plonked them next to me on the sofa. Oh decisions decisions. The smallest first I think. So I grabbed the silver one. It wasn't very small but compared to the others it was the smallest. 

To Molly from Zayn 

I ripped off the paper and inside was a light blue varsity jacket. It had been personalised and had a
M on the front. 

"Thanks Zayn it's so cool!" 

I have him a hug and grabbed the next one. It was a little bit bigger i rattled it a little but was quickly stopped. 

To Mo from Harry 

I ripped off the paper, a brown cardboard box. I laughed but opened it anyway. 

After about another ten boxes I finally got to the present. A beautiful white iPhone 5. I squealed and the others laughed at me. 

"Thanks Hazza. It's perfect." 

"Dats ok love, open thatone next!"  

Overall I'd got nine amazing presents. I'd got a iPhone case and three DVDs from Liam, an ice cream maker from Louis, a cook book and perfume from Bella, a beautiful top and some all-star converse shoes from Tia, iTunes and Ice cream vouchers from Naomi and some new hair straighteners and makeup from Rhiannon. 

Lastly I had Niall's present. I'd been told to open it last. Inside where two piano books. I looked at him confused. 

"We'll that's where.. Drumroll please" ,Niall said. Everyone started doom a drumroll on the table,"your new Piano comes in." He whisked off a cloth and underneath was a beautiful white grand piano. It was amazing I think I'm going to cry.  

"Hey don't cry?" Louis and Naomi said.

"It's the best" I stuttered through sniffles. They all smiled at me and gave me a big hug. "This is the best birthday I could ever have" 

"That ok"they chanted in unison.  

"Cake time!" Shouted Tia. She grabbed the cake off the side, lot the candles, "lights please Mr. Malik. Right good ready everyone?" 

"Happy birthday to you 
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to Molly 
Happy birthday to you." 

I blew the candles out and made a wish. 

"I wish that I will stay with these guys all my life" I whispered to myself.   

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