5 boys 5 girls and a traitor

Molly, Bella, Rhiannon, Tia and Naomi are orphans and best friends they have just started collage and have moved into their amazing flat which was given to them by the collage. Unfortunately thay have to share with their enemy Georgia. One day Molly meets her favourite boy band one direction. Can the girls cope with them for a week.


15. Hurtful Comments

Where are we going" I shouted above the roaring engine as sped down back streets and lanes.

"Don't worry"Harry said lightly touching my hand. "We're going to my place"

I sat next to him in silence the hole way. Untill we stopped in frount an huge house. Outside there were two cars a red and a black one neatly parked on the gravel outside.

Harry parked his car up next to the red one then got out. I quickly followed. Inside was absolutely beautiful. All the walls were white but covered in  

expensive looking art work. There was a brilliant white kitchen with white tiled floor.  

I noticed Louis, Liam and Zayn on an X-box in the living room. Harry signalled for me to wait.

"Hi Guys" I heard him call to the boys

"Hazzabear" said someone. Louis I think. I sat down onto a cream leather chair waiting until he came back.

After about five minuets, Harry came back. I slowly walked into the room. There was an electric fire place and a huge tv, probably about 80 inches, and a large corner sofa. Which at the moment was covered in scruffy boys and packets and packets of food. The boys were all intently staring at the huge screen nearly falling off their sofa. I parked myself onto the only space left, right on the corner of the sofa. Zayn looked at me and smiled so did Louis. Liam was to busy typing some thing on his phone.

"Um hi Molly" Louis said awkwardly. I smiled

"What you watching?" I asked looking at the tv.

" inbetweeners" he replied quickly.  

I moved his feet up and sat further up on the sofa.

We all sat there in silence, except for laughing.until Liam piped up.

"Harry can you come out here please."

I looked at Harry confused. He shrugged and went in the kitchen. After he left I followed him, no knowing I was there I eavesdropped on them.

"Look at this!" Liam exclaimed. I heard harry sigh, "this can't go on!"

" We're only friends" Harry replied nearly shouting.

"Not what they say!" Said Liam, "you'll have to tell her"

My heart sank. They were talking about me. Troubling thoughts were wiring round my head like race cars round a track.

"The kiss was a mistake, I don't love her!" I heard harry shout.

With that I got up and left. I was crying my eyes out.  

"How could he?" I screamed in my head. I ran out of his house and out onto the road. I ran down the road trying get home, can't be to far.

"How could he do this. I trusted him and he just ignored me" I thought as I stormed down the road "I never want to see him again!" I stopped. "what if he comes looking for me!" I thought. "He will know where I will be, I know I'll go to Kylie house. I'll tell the girls but no one else" I desided texting each one of the girls the same thing


At Kylie don't tell 1D boys or anyone. Tell you why soon  

Mo xxx  


Pressed send and quickly ran down the road to the Adias hotel where Kylie lived.

I walked into the dinge reception and over to the old lady behind the desk

" hello miss how can I help you?" She asked me peering over the desk.

" I'm here to see Kylie Samsall" I said. The lady tapped something on her computer. She nodded.

"Yes she's room 241" she said," that's the fifth floor"

I thanked her and walked over to a lift. I pressed the dirty button and waited until the lift doors opened. I stepped into the lift shaft. It was absolutely disgusting it was practically wallpapered in graffiti and there was a pee puddle in the corner.

When I got out of the lift I wandered down the horrible yellow corridor. 238, 239, 240 ah ha 241.

I knocked on the door then waited.

"Hello?" I heard Kylie say, as she opened the door.

"Hi, Kylie!" I said,quickly wiping my tears then popping my head round the door.

"Hey girl" Kylie squealed, thrusting me into a tight hug, "what brings you to my humble house?" She asked jokingly.

"Boy trouble" I sighed. Kylie nudged me playfully

"Oh you been getting it on 'ave you" she said laughing, "is he hot?" She asked. I sighed again

"Yes" I mumbled. Kylie nudged me again and began to jump up and down.

"What's his name?" She asked inquisitively.

"You wouldn't believe me of I told you" I murmured

"Tell me, tell me!" Kylie demanded.

"Ok promise not to tell?" I asked.

"Yes I will keep it with to my grave!" She declared making me laugh.

"His name is Harry Styles" I blurted out. At first Kylie just stared at me, her mouth so wide you could see her tonsils. Her expression quickly changed to one of disbelief.

"No?" She exclaimed. "Really?, but. Wa?"she asked very confused.

"Yes! I was friends with Harry, he kissed me" I said but was interrupted by Kylie

"Wait he kissed you!" She exclaimed. I nodded.

"But I hate him now" I sobbed, tears welling up in my eyes again, as I remembered the argument I over heard. "Can I stay here for a bit?" I pleaded holding onto Kylie's arm like a little baby.

"Of course you can!" She said hugging me again.

"Your the best Kylie you truly are" I said thanking her.

"I have a spare bed and you you can borrow some of my clothes" Kylie suggested seeing that I had no other clothes than the ones I was in. I hugged Kylie again.

"Thank you!"

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