5 boys 5 girls and a traitor

Molly, Bella, Rhiannon, Tia and Naomi are orphans and best friends they have just started collage and have moved into their amazing flat which was given to them by the collage. Unfortunately thay have to share with their enemy Georgia. One day Molly meets her favourite boy band one direction. Can the girls cope with them for a week.


17. Hospital

As I entered the room. I saw Niall and Zayn sitting on chairs next to Harry bed, where Harry was lay completely still, only his chest slowly rising and falling.

Niall turned around and saw me. I smiled at him then slowly walked up to him.

" Your back then" Niall hissed, raising his eyebrows as he did. Liam hit a hard stare at him from behind me.

I peared round Niall to look at Harry. His face was pale and around his eyes were dark. But he still looked as beautiful as ever. Not that I could tell him that.

"We were just getting some coffees want some?" Asked Liam. I nodded then sat on a chair. Niall got up and went with them. It was just me and Zayn. I sat there for a while twiddling my thumbs a little

"How's things with the band?" I asked Zayn.

"Good" he replyed simply.

We sat in silence again for a couple of minuets

"Why did you leave?" Zayn asked looking at me confused. I liked down at my shoes and sighed

"It's complicated" I said.

"No! Tell me" he insisted, some annoyance tinging his voice.

"Well errr I was just emotional and" I started but I got interrupted by Zayn

"Yeah right tell me what really happened" he shouted getting rather annoyed now. My heart was pounding faster and faster.

"Zayn?" I said getting very scared now.

"Do you know what you did to him!" He shouted holding my arm at an funny angle. Then luckily the others came in.

"Zayn!" Exclaimed Louis and Liam together "what are you doing?" They grabbed him off of me and sat him back down again. I could see now Zayn had tears streaming down his face.

I sat back on my chair next to Harry's bed. And slowly closed my eyes.

When woke up. The others had gone. Harry was waking up.

"Hi?" I yawned.

Harry stared at me in disbelief. He then rubbed his eyes.

"Mo? Is that you?" He asked quickly sitting up and pinching himself then me. I giggled. " I thought you left forever." He said quietly. I smiled

"You, with the help of two directioners persuaded me to come back" I said. He looked rather confused.
"Doesn't matter" I said laughing again.

"I'm just glad your back Mo!" Harry said hugging me tight. "I just have one question?" He asked. I nodded secretly dreading what was coming next. "Why did you disappear?" He asked.

I looked down at my shoes.

"I was err listening to you and Liam. I thought you were talking about me and I just erh was still sad from earlier and I yeah" I said rambling on a little bit,"I'm sorry"

"Thats ok! You should of told me you know. I would of told you about Taylor." He said taking my hand uni his.

"I already know, if you said that in the first place maybe none of this would of happened." I replied laughing a little.

" I love you Mo, will you be my secret ,for the moment, girlfriend" he said looking me deep in my eyes.

" yes, Harold I will"

I sat further forward and kissed him lightly, I could feel sparks tingling in my stomach.Perfect.

We sat together on his bed. And talked for a while. He told me what had happened with him and Taylor. I felt sorry for him. Getting all this attention, sometimes it must get so annoying. The fact that everyone thinks you like older women and nobody else.

The guys came back in after about another twenty minuets.

"What took so long?" I asked taking my cup of coffee.

"The news." Niall said now in a happier mood.

"What about it!" Harry said urgently nearly jumping off his bed.

"It's Georgia, she's been put in jail." Exclaimed Bella.

"Why?" I asked a but confused. I know he was bad but not jail sentence bad!

"She and her boyfriend abused a teacher from collage. He had to be put in hospital!"

"Woah" I was shocked by this. I wonder why they did it!

"She has been contacting us all week. Has she contacted you?" Tia added.

I haven't looked at my phone for ages but I got it out and turned it on.

Ten missed calls

Twelve messages

Where are you

Seriously :(

What happened? Missing you

Harry's looking for you= :0

Getting scared please reply now!!!

Where are you?

Reply please !?!?

Harry's looking for you he's very very very worried. Come back soon!

Where r u tell me! Please?

Whre da fuck r u?

Hey Mo- lister where r yo? HAZZA getting worried :()

I blushed I felt really bad now.

"Sorry guys" I said blushing a little.

"So she didn't then?" Niall asked peering at my phone.

Then suddenly,

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